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Web Exhibition | Food Inspection and Quality Assurance Solutions

Anritsu Web Exhibition

Welcome to Anritsu Web Exhibition Stand!!

Please explore our web exhibition site to find out how we can help with our industry-leading food inspection and quality assuarance solutions.

XR75 series X-ray Inspection System

Anritsu x-ray systems give food & pharma producers the best combination of contaminant detection, reliability and low total cost of ownership.
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SSV series Checkweigher

Anritsu SSV checkweighers deliver an ideal blend of accuracy and reliability in an affordable, compact package.
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M6h series Metal Detector

The industry's first simultaneous Dual-Frequency Metal Detector
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Clean Cup Scale (Specialized Multihead Weigher)

Ideal weighing solution for wet and sticky prodcuts
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Visualization of Production Lines with QUICCA

QUICCA system can help you visualize product lines to reduce product giveaway.
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Traceability Solutions with QUICCA

With the traceability solution, customer claim handling process will be greatly improved.
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About Anritsu

Discover what you've been missing with Anritsu's advanced Product Inspection Solutions!
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