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We will be exhibiting at ACHEMA 2018.

11/06/2018 - 15/06/2018 , Meese Frankfurt, Germany


Booth: Hall 4.2 - Stand L77

Products: Capsule Checkweigher, Multi-Lane Checkweigher, SSV series Checkweigher, X-ray Inspection System, Package Insert Inspection System

Capsule Checkweighr

Capsule Checkweigher

Checkweighing every capsule with new, high precision weigh cells

The capsule checkweigher achieving the highest weighing accuracy in the industry (±0.5 mg) and the maximum processing speed 230,000 capsules per hour. Ideal for 100% inspection for capsules containing high potency active pharmaceutical ingredients with improved efficiency. As semi-locked capsules can be fed and checked under stable conditions by Anritsu's unique handling techniques, it can also be used for weight inspection of clinical trial drugs. The model conforms to CFR 21 Part 11.

Multi-Lane Checkweigher

Multi-Lane Checkweigher

Product inspection on multi-lane after filling & packaging machine at small footprint

The model checks the weight of products to be fed on multi-lane such as stick-packed granular formulation drugs or medical tool kits without changing the number of lanes. The newly developed high precision weigh cell has been improved its anti-vibration characteristics twice as better than our previous one, enabling it to keep the high accuracy even under the locations susceptible to vibration. The design of thin weighcell is easy to be adjusted to the pitch of filling & packaging machines without changing the orientation of packages when they are transferred from the preceding system. The incidence of product rejection or filled weight checked can be fed to the filling machine from each lane to improve the yield. The data communication method conforms to CC-LINK.

X-ray Inspection System

X-ray Inspection System

Internal inspection of packaged product with aluminum PTP on both side, unable to do by cameras, can be made.

Equipped with a new detection unit best suited to check thin products through which X-ray penetrates easily. In addition to contaminants, inspection for shape, count tablet, capsule and adhesive patch, packing check including plaster improperly filled in a tube can be made with high precision.
Conforms to CFR 21 Part 11. Data management can be made with security.

SSV series Checkweigher

SSV series Checkweigher

Conforms to CFR 21 Part 11. Stress-free operation with a 15-inch monitor.

Anritsu Checkweighers are widely used at the pharmaceutical industry in Japan and overseas. The products are with a stress-free 15-inch monitor, functions such as eligibility authentication, audit trail and data encryption conforming to CFR 21 Part 11 which deliver a piece of mind to the customers in the industry. The smart guide function supports SOP.

Package Insert Inspection System

Package Insert Inspection System

Inspect package insert that cannot be inspected by weight

Check if an insertion document printed by magnetic-ink is missing or extra in a box, by applying the theory of metal detection by magnetic reflection.

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