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President Message

Providing reassurance: side by side, boundlessly and globally  President  Masumi Niimi

Thank you for your continued patronage and support.

Anritsu Infivis is a member of the established Anritsu Group, which boasts a history spanning over 120 years. Since the start of food industrialization in 1965, we have been working together with our customers in the foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals industries and cultivating advanced technical and on-site capabilities in quality inspection for over half a century. It is thanks to our customers that we have been able to accumulate such strengths. So I would like once again to express our gratitude.

The 2020 VISION outlines the shape of the Company in 2020. It has established the aim to "become a global market leader with world-class quality assurance solutions" through the provision of "products pursuing quality assurance" and "high-quality services" and by creating and developing together with our corporate clients.

Nowadays, consumers' expectations for quality assurance in foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals are ever increasing. To meet these expectations, we must not only focus on the mass and contamination with foreign objects, but also on diversified and sophisticated inspection methods and devices that cover areas such as the shape, packaging and labeling of products.

Furthermore, expectations are rising for quality assurance solutions such as traceability systems and information management systems with security systems by camera monitoring.

In order to meet these consumer needs, we are continuing to refine our "sincerity, harmony and enthusiasm," which represent the spirit of Anritsu we have inherited, as well as our "Original & High Level" products and services, which are behind our successes.

We are committed to working even more closely with our customers and business partners in the foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals industries so that we improve together and find sophisticated solutions for quality assurance issues.

We will continue to share our vision with customers and take up the challenges for realizing a stable supply of safe foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals by providing more advanced quality assurance. We are dedicated to realizing a future when people around the world can live safe, secure and prosperous lives.

I hope to receive your continued support and guidance as we take the next step forward.

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