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V255 Bias Tee

Gen II Ultra Wideband Bias Tee


The Gen II Ultra Wideband Bias Tee is designed to meet the high electrical performance requirement of Passive components in Optical Communication Networks. Given a broader bandwidth of 50 KHz to 65 GHz with low Insertion loss and very high Return Loss makes it ideal to use in 40 Gbps system to bias Optical Modulator and Broad Band Data Driver. It's fast Rise Time and Flat Group Delay performance allows extremely accurate measurements within a laboratory environment. The Bias Tee comes with a standard V Connector and assures excellent impedance match across the wide bandwidth. The DC Signal can be applied or extracted from the Bias Tee through the SMC Connector at the third port. As with our other Bias Tees, this Bias Tee also comes with a one year warranty.

  • Ideal for Optical Communication applications
  • Very Low Insertion Loss
  • Rise Time <5ps
  • High Current Capacity

Frequency Range

50 KHz — 65 GHz
30 KHz — 65 GHz typical

Insertion Loss

1.5 dB — 65 GHz typical

Return Loss

11 dB — 65 GHz typical

Rise Time

3 ps typical

Group Delay

125 ± 2 ps typical

Max DC Current

400 mA

Max DC Voltage

10 VDC

Min Isolation

-50 dBm

Operating Temperature

0 °C — 80 °C

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