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Anritsu’s training department is well-known for its quality, flexibility and very high dedication in making any training session a successful experience. Feedback from delivered evaluation forms is carefully analyzed after each session. Customers receive a summarized evaluation document for own evaluation.


Key Benefits

- Dedicated training for dedicated customers

- Thorough understanding of the solution’s capabilities

- Solution’s operation demonstrated in details

- OSS Operators get skilled within their specific competence areas

- Balanced mix between theoretical presentations, demonstrations and hands-on

- Comprehensive technology training program  


Anritsu offers a variety of comprehensive and economical training courses held at an Anritsu training facility or at your location for increased convenience and improved efficiency. Standard and customized training courses are offered as off-sites workshops, which reduces disruption of day-to-day operations. Instructors will provide training materials and equipment for the best in classroom and hands-on education. Anritsu’s instructors are highly skilled in their field of expertise and bring a wealth of personal hands-on knowledge with them to customer’s premise.


Anritsu’s training program ensures that customers get a fundamental technical understanding about their solution as well as the technology behind it. Standard training sessions consist of Products related courses, User Cases as well as Technology classes. As an addition to standard training Anritsu offers customized training courses designed specifically for your needs.


Anritsu’s solution training is following industry standards where Configuration Managers, Operators and System Administrators receive dedicated courses.


Training Portfolio

- Products

- Technologies

- Platforms

- Protocols


Telecom and IP/Datacom Training Programs

Anritsu is a fully independent training partner. Our tailored training program not only covers the different solution areas in our OSS portfolio, it also covers the entire range of technologies used in today's converged networks such as SDH, ATM, SS7, GSM, GPRS, UMTS, HSDPA/HSUPA, TCP/IP, LAN analysis, VoIP.


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