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Our Advisory specialists can help you identify new trends, develop new services, and fine-tune your business plan to meet the needs and expectations of your local market. Perhaps most important of all, since we are 100% vendor independent, our solutions provide superior interoperability, untainted by other business agendas. That gets your project off the ground and on its way to completion faster and more effectively.


Build on our extensive experience with service assurance solutions in a converged technology, our OSS Consultancy Practice is a general consultancy and advisory service for operators and service providers within the service assurance area. This includes definition of strategies for network and service quality monitoring and applied usage of active and passive monitoring, different types of OSS tools and internal and external Service Level Agreements (SLAs).


We also support our customers conducting vendors, partner and service benchmarking, and in reviews of the internal operational processes and actual network status.


Key Benefits

- Return on investment – Cost-effective principles and methods to ensure proper investment

- Precise strategies based on customer needs and requirements

- Access to the knowledge and experience of a leading OSS vendor/solution provider


New business focus – Benchmarking prepares the existing network for new opportunities.

Being able to advise customers within specific areas and technologies can only be provided by professionals. It requires dedicated knowledge. Anritsu’s highly skilled consultants will assist you with matters such as monitoring strategy, migration strategy as well as benchmarking. Consultancy covers issues like passive versus active monitoring, customer QoS target definitions, internal SLAs, partner SLAs, current operational status/network health check, revenue spot check such as interconnect and roaming analysis, service quality check: IP service delivery, voice quality, assistance with preparation of requirements for monitoring solution and required organization etc.


Anritsu’s OSS Advisory Practices:

- Monitoring strategy definition

- Migration strategy

- Benchmarking

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