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MasterClaw™ is a probe based non-intrusive monitoring system designed to provide full end-to-end monitoring of converged networks, making MasterClaw the leading service and network monitoring system for GSM, GPRS, UMTS, SS7 and VoIP networks. Signaling and user plane data captured by the distributed intelligent MasterClaw probes is turned in to critical business and operational information available to the users in both real-time and via comprehensive reports. The integrated application suite makes MasterClaw a powerful tool for a broad set of users ranging from Network and Service Operations personnel to Product/Marketing Managers, Account Managers and Customer Care.


Key Benefits

- Turns network data into powerful business information

- Secures customer QoS

- Optimizes network operation

- Reduces complexity in the management of converged networks and services

- Easy integration with other OSS systems through open interfaces



- Any technology, any network, any time

- Real-time and historical data access

- Service Assurance solution combining: network-service-customer-partner monitoring

- ntegrated application suite

- Web portal and flexible and powerful user interfaces

- Infrastructure vendor independent

- Flexible and open next generation architecture

- Scalable and reliable


Product Overview

MasterClaw integrates network monitoring, troubleshooting as well as service and customer quality monitoring of converged networks. The integrated service assurance environment enables network operators and service providers to monitor their network as a unified service platform as opposed to treating each service and network segment as a separate entity.


For wireless operators this implies an integrated monitoring of not only the circuit switched and packet switched core domains, but also the RAN/UTRAN access network domains. Likewise, VoIP service providers can benefit from an integrated monitoring that can be extended to the legacy SS7 network domain and all the way to major enterprise customers, or even residential users.



The Service Assurance applications within the MasterClaw framework builds on the data feed from the non-intrusive monitoring probes deployed in the network. Advanced Call- and Session Trace and Protocol Analysis applications are together with real-time dashboard graphs and traffic monitoring applications vital tools for operational personnel managing the network infrastructure. In addition to these network-related applications MasterClaw offers state-of-the-art data warehouse capabilities that turn network data in to business critical information for operators and service providers. A combination of real-time applications and historical reporting offers an integrated quality of service monitoring universe joining the network resource perspective with the service, customer and partner perspectives.


KPIs and aggregated KQIs are reported via an intuitive and personalized real-time Web interface, and as comprehensive reports. The KPIs and KQIs represent well defined service quality measurement points on which both internal and external Service Level Agreements (SLA) may be defined.


With its outset in the low-level signaling data and user data captured in the network, MasterClaw offers its users full drill-down-and drill-up capabilities. This allows users via call trace diagrams to drilldown to individual signal messages or message data (Protocol Data Units - PDU), having identified an abnormality in a real-time graph or in an alarm, by just a few mouse-clicks.


The non-intrusive probes enable operators and service providers to monitor converged multi-vendor networks, without any dependency on any one network equipment vendor. In fact, the network signaling is the only reliable reference point and common denominator when troubleshooting or monitoring the performance of heterogeneous networks. This only becomes more obvious when monitoring converged networks and performing end-to-end monitoring across different network domains.


MasterClaw is based on Linux and builds on open technologies such as Java, SQL, Corba, OSS-J and SNMP. Hence, integration with other OSS systems is easy, regardless whether it is a question of a northbound integration to a Fault Management system, export of xDRs for e.g. billing verification, or export of KPIs/KQIs.