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How to Survive in a Troubled Market

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More efficient analysis
Because everything you need is available in a single, comprehensive system, you can gather accurate network trend data across the entire system. This simplifies network planning and dimensioning in terms of both infrastructure and service.


Remember, dropped packets are not a major problem in ordinary data communications. But they can destroy a real-time voice conversation or an IPTV service. That’s why providers of VoIP services need better, more sophisticated monitoring solutions than ordinary Internet Service Providers. After all, the key drivers for VoIP are the ability to provide a greater range of services while reducing operating expenses.


Avoid network abuse

Real-time analysis of signalling data also helps service providers spot undesired or destructive traffic, such as SIP Spam and mass calling. In fact, our mass call detection capability is a key feature for ensuring that network capacity is used correctly and generates the income it should. 

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