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Control Packages for TI Devices

In partnership with TI, Anritsu has developed control packages that provide a fully automated test solution for the devices listed below. Each control package uses a DLL containing commands that enable CombiTest to configure the chipsets from within a test plan. These commands are sent to the device via a host processor interface. When the test plan is executed, both the MT8860B/C and device are simultaneously controlled, allowing the test plan to proceed to completion in a fully automated manner.


Device Type TI Control Software Supported Functionality
WLAN Standard Calibration Validation EEPROM Update
WiLink 4.0 (1251/1253) TI MAPI 4.21 802.11a/b/g N Y N
WiLink 6.0 (1271/1273) Trioscope 802.11 a/b/g/n Y Y Y


Note: TI Control Software not supplied by Anritsu

To obtain any of the control packages listed, or to enquire about control package support for other TI devices, please send an email to