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Efficient, Scalable and Reliable 5G IoT Device Testing Solutions

Designed and tested by industry experts for evaluating wireless performance and service quality of your IoT devices

The shortest and the most optimized measuring solution for testing “Wireless performance” and “Services quality” of IOT devices.

Testing wireless performance and service quality of IoT devices requires a lot of expertise, including measuring instruments, software, application and programming. To meet our customer needs, Anritsu has developed and released a variety of test and measurement instruments and solutions for wireless communication devices. Businesses worldwide rely on our extensive industry expertise to test their 5G IoT devices so they can successfully bring their products to market.

Full Range of Test Solutions Supporting All Stages of IoT Device Development

Research and development
Design Verification
Intergration/Evaluation Equipment

What is Required for Testing 5G IoT Devices?

MT8000A 5G Entry Model
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IoT is a relatively new frontier in the RF world, with a hugely diverse array of technologies, multiple standards from different organizations and not a whole lot of compatibility. Naturally, that brings a new set of challenges for design and manufacturing, including mission-critical IoT applications such as health care, factory automation, transportation and utilities.

The Benefits of RF Testing for Mission-Critical IoT Designs_WhitePaper_Cover

Although cost is a major factor in many IoT designs, given what’s at stake in mission-critical applications, factors such as data reliability, security and ease of use become far more imperative. This makes it so that the rigorous testing of IoT products is non-negotiable. For example, a failure in meeting RF standards compliance can open the door for regulatory scrutiny, or a downtime in manufacturing operations can cost a company millions of dollars.

This paper briefly covers several mission-critical IoT applications as well as some common RF test methods for IoT and their respective challenges. Finally, next-generation test solutions are presented along with the “hidden” bottom-line benefits that specific test equipment can provide, namely:

  • Lowering test and measurement costs
  • Shortening the time-to-market (TTM) of IoT products
Start Testing Your 5G IoT Device (Free Technical Support Offer)

Introducing our cost-efficient, one-instrument, comprehensive 5G IoT device testing solution

Research and development

Research and developmentTesting RF performance of devices, including IoT devices, components and antennas.

Design Verification

Design VerificationTests the connection to the network, as well as the compliance to the national regulations and the standards.

Intergration/Evaluation EquipmentTests performance, such as data transmission, while simulating the real network.


MT8000A 5G Entry Model

MT8000A 5G Entry Model
HW Upgradeable

SmartStudio NR

SmartStudio NR

Cost-efficient, easy, comprehensive one-box test instrument for basic wireless performance and service quality evaluation of 5G IoT devices

Introducing IoT Device Service Quality Evaluation Solution

The complex and diverse testing needs of smartphones and other leading-edge 5G devices require specific instruments, suth as Anritsu's MT8000A. However the diverse range of new and emerging 5G use cases, such as IoT devices, does not have the same testing needs and requirements as smartphones, yet face the challenge of paying higher costs for equipment that is beyond their test requirements.

To meet the IoT device testing needs, Anritsu introduces the one-box, low-cost, scalable solution - 5G Entry Model MT8000A.

IoT Device Test Solution

Introducing Frequently Asked Questions for IoT device measurement.


5G Entry Model

MT8000A 5G Entry Model

IoT device evaluation needs are much less complex and extensive than smartphone testing requirements.

To meet your 5G IoT device testing needs without costly smartphone feature-specific testing functionality by lower cost, Anritsu introduces its 5G Entry Level Model MT8000A.

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Upgradeable to Service Quality Evaluation

UP GRADE + Service Quality Functions

SmartStudio NR

MT8000A SmartStudio NR

SmartStudio NR Video

SmartStudio NR Video
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In order to launch your smart device, it is important to evaluate whether the anticipated services can be achieved and confirm the wireless performance. At evaluation of 5G devices, confirming the connection to the application server set at the network-side is necessary in order to test the service quality. This is because the connection to network based on the communications protocol is the prerequisite for the evaluation of UE function. Since the SmartStudio NR software is easily configured for this type of evaluation environment, 5G-device network connections can be evaluated using interactive operations from a state-machine-based GUI.

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Compliance Compliance
  • Conformance Test (CT)
  • Carrier Acceptance Test (CAT)
Production Compliance

MT8870A/MT8872A, MT8852B


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