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Sweep Master Pro MX829000A

Sweep Master Pro

Sweep Master Pro is a web-based line sweep and tracking tool for large multi cell-site installation and maintenance projects. Measurements tracked include:
  • Return Loss
  • Cable Loss
  • Distance-to-Fault
  • Transmission Measurements
  • PIM
  • Distance-to-PIM


Sweep Master Pro increases the productivity of tracking these traces with:

  • Auto file uploading and renaming
  • Auto marker and limit line placement
  • Auto red/green pass/fail flagging

Another product in the Sweep Master family is the Sweep Master Pro+, which adds management and reporting functions to what the Pro does. Sweep Master Pro capabilities center on file capture and verification.


Sweep Master Pro
Capture and Verify

Sweep Master Pro enables a manager to capture the cable, antenna, and PIM traces that are uploaded by contractors or field technicians to a password protected web site. Sweep Master Pro will automatically place marker and limit lines and apply pass/fail criteria for all traces with red/green flagging for quick project review status.

Anritsu Sweep Master, Captures Cable, Antenna, and PIM sweeps

Sweep Master Pro Capabilities, Capturing Traces Sweep Master Pro Capabilities
Capturing Traces

The Sweep Master Pro captures cable, antenna, and PIM traces from both before and after the site work is done. The Sweep Master Pro:

  • Allows bulk upload of cable, antenna, and PIM traces
    • This means that users need not manually identify each trace to the software. The trace upload process takes seconds instead of hours.
  • Automatically converts field names to final names
  • Converts short, predefined, work site names to final file, trace title, and sub-title names.
  • Saves hours per site, considering that hundreds of file names, trace titles and trace subtitles are involved for each tower.

Verifying Traces
  • Automatically sets markers and limit lines to customer's standards
    • Ensures that markers and limit lines are set to the network operators' standard before submittal
    • Ensures that pass/fail judgments are accurate.
  • Accept/Reject tools for trace reviewers
    • Red Sweep/Green Sweep pass/fail indication
    • Trace review capability
    • Trace notes
    • Automatic notifications for sweep test personnel
  • Quicker rework time

Site Access Instructions

  • Hospital Locations
  • Key contacts
  • Access instructions

These capabilities create efficiency and raise the bar on quality by cutting the hours needed to sweep, capture, verify and create a sweep report by 75% or more, while at the same time, ensuring that the information is processed accurately and consistently. This can lower the over all cost of the project and ensure a high quality product. This is working smarter, not harder.

Pass/Fail judgements simplify trace review

  • Captures Anritsu cable, antenna, and PIM sweeps
    • Bulk upload automates trace data entry
    • Automated trace renaming
  • Verifies limits on Anritsu cable, antenna, and PIM sweeps
    • Automated pass/fail trace judgements - Red/Green indications
    • Accept/reject tools for trace reviewers
    • Automatic notification for sweep test personnel
    • Fraud protection
  • Site access instructions
    • Hospital locations
    • Key contacts

Capturing Cable, Antenna, and PIM measurements

  • Works with Return Loss, Cable Loss, Distance to Fault, and Passive Inter-Modulation (PIM) measurements.
  • Bulk upload of measurements originating from Anritsu sweep gear
  • Automatic renaming of traces to network operator standards

Verifying Cable, Antenna, and PIM measurements

  • Automatic pass/fail analysis of traces to network operator standards
  • Trace Accept/Reject Red sweep/Green sweep tools allow RF Engineering quickly provide final judgments on traces that do not meet standards
  • Fraud detection prevents uploading traces multiple times
  • Allows everyone on the project a current view of trace status


  • Site location information
  • Access instructions for field workers
  • Nearest hospital location for emergencies

Option Description Option Ordering Number
Option 901

1 year extension of services

Introducing SweepMasters Pro and Pro Plus

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