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MT2780A IQ Fiber Master

IQ Fiber Master

The IQ Fiber Master is a standalone and economical multi-port CPRI-based RF and PIM analyzer

PIM and RF analysis has never been so lightweight, portable, and easy-to-use

The IQ Fiber Master MT2780A PIM and RF analyzer is a CPRI-based solution that provides critical PIM diagnosis across multiple bands and sectors using live traffic. Cell sites remain active during testing as this instrument uses a non-invasive process to report real-time results. Identify PIM levels, locations, and conduct RF spectrum analysis to efficiently hunt and debug PIM and interference issues.

  • Use live traffic to get an accurate picture of cell site environment – no site turn down, no tower climb
  • Monitor up to three downlinks and one uplink during PIM over CPRI testing for analysis of multi-band sites or 4x4 MIMO antennas
  • Resolve intermittent PIM problems by continuously monitoring cell site remotely for days or weeks; IQ Fiber Master MT2780A automatically records and captures PIM events with time stamping to make debugging easier
  • Support for all 4G/LTE bands and bandwidths and MIMO configurations up to 4x4 MIMO; supports CPRI line rates 1-8 as well as equipment from all major manufacturers including ALU, Ericsson, Nokia, Huawei, and Samsung.
  • RF over CPRI spectrum for interference measurements
  • PIM over CPRI for any frequency PIM measurements
  • PIM analytics for long-term PIM monitoring
  • PIM location (DTP)
  • 4 SFP ports
  • 4x4 MIMO support
  • CPRI line rate 1 – 8 support
  • Support all Tier 1 LTE base station radio manufacturers
  • Up to 12 AxC traces simultaneously for multiple sectors/carriers
  • Uses MX280020A control software

IQ Fiber Master MX280020A Control Software

Utilizing a user-supplied PC/laptop, the IQ Fiber Master MX280020A control software is used to interface and control the IQ Fiber Master hardware. It provides the tools needed for configuring the CPRI connection, the various PIM over CPRI test scenarios, and the actual measurements themselves. This software package is a free download to be used in conjunction with the IQ Fiber Master MT2780A hardware or can be used as a standalone software solution to view files created by the IQ Fiber Master device.

  • RF Interference Hunting
    With the ability to display 12 AXC traces at once, view the RF spectrum of live traffic of one or multiple sectors/bands to easily identify both static and dynamic interference sources that may be present. Further characterize the interference sources with various display options like spectrogram and resolution bandwidth adjustments
  • PIM Analysis and Diagnosis
    Automatic test scenarios allow users to quickly and easily determine if PIM is present and its severity with the push of a button. PIM location (DTP) will determine where PIM is relative to the antenna. The IQ Fiber Master MT2780A can be left at the BBU location for days or weeks and remotely monitored to capture and log PIM events. If PIM is at an unacceptable level, the instrument can determine if it is internal to the radio equipment or caused externally.
  • Multi-Band Analysis
    At co-located cell sites, 2 or 3 different bands can produce PIM products in their uplinks. The IQ Fiber Master MT2780A support of four CPRI links makes multi-band analysis much easier than with traditional PIM hunting solutions. Each respective link is plugged into the instrument and the PIM measurement is automatically reported.
Part Number Description
MT2780A IQ Fiber Master (requires option 752, minimum)
MX280020A IQ Fiber Master Control Software (no cost; download from
MT2780A-0752 LTE RF over CPRI (requires MT2780A)
MT2780A-0754 PIM over CPRI (requires option 752)
MT2780A-0755 PIM analytics (requires options 752 and 754)