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PCM Codec Analyzer

This product has been discontinued

Measurement of CODECs, MUX, TMUX for PCM

The MS369B is designed to measure the characteristics of PCM CODECs (Coder, Decoder). Single-channel CODECs (SCC) are used in PCM terminal equipment, digital exchanges, PBX, digital telephones, and the encoding and decoding characteristics for each channel in these types of equipment must be measured. As a result, more channels must be measured which leads to demands for improved measuring performance.

The MS369B uses DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology to reduce measuring time and to improve measuring accuracy. It also incorporates a high-performance, special-purpose LSI developed by Anritsu. The MS369B reduces measuring time and automates measurements using GPIB, and increases production and maintenance efficiency.

The MS369B can also measure both A-law and Mu-law, and is designed to cope with both types in respect of measuring items and interface.

  • Both A-law and Mu-law measurement
  • A-A, D-A, A-D, D-D measurement
  • High accuracy and stability measurements
  • Out-of-band measurements including sampling signals and SCF (switched capacity filter) clock cross-talk can be measured
  • Twenty one powerful functions including measurement of gain tracking and total distortion using both the noise method and tone method
  • Various kinds of interface units: 1.5Mb/s 24-Channel, 2Mb/s 30-Channel etc.
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