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Anritsu Collaborates with NTT DOCOMO on IoT Tests


Anritsu Corporation is partnering with NTT DOCOMO in power consumption verification tests of Machine Type communications technologies used by IoT*1 devices.
These verification tests will use Anritsu’s base station simulators*2 MD8430A and MD8475A to verify the long-term operation (more than 10 years) of LPWA*3 devices.
The actual test contents will be demonstrated at DOCOMO R&D Open House 2016 introducing NTT DOCOMO’s latest R&D efforts.

The Machine Type communications standards used by IoT are standardized by 3GPP as Cat.1*4、 Cat.1+eDRX*5, and Cat.M1*6, with national chipmakers each developing and releasing various communications chips.
Since this Open House demonstration will compare the low-power performance under the same communications conditions, Anritsu’s base station simulators will be used to establish communications links with IoT devices incorporating these various chips from different makers to measure average current during end-to-end data communications between the NTT DOCOMO IoT platform and the IoT devices.

Anritsu is starting development targeting the Cat.1+eDRX communication standard for IoT as well as the latest Cat.M1 standard released in March 2016 at an early stage. Following demonstration of these base station simulators, Anritsu plans support for an RF test radio communications analyzer, and a conformance test system*7. The company is also developing total measurement solutions for R&D and I&M of IoT devices for various Smart Home, Smart Factory, and Smart City applications.


[*1] IoT
Abbreviation for Internet of Things or various products (things) in the world incorporating communications functions for connecting with each other over the Internet and supporting automatic detection, automatic control, remote measurement, etc.

[*2] Base Station Simulator
Simulator that connects as pseudo-base station with smartphones, IoT devices, etc., to verify communications protocol

[*3] LPWA
Abbreviation for Low Power Wide Area technologies used by IoT devices to assure communications over wide area while only consuming low power

[*4] Cat.1
LTE communications category supporting low communications speeds of 10 Mbps or less targeted for use by IoT devices

[*5] Cat.1+eDRX
Technology for implementing low power consumption using extended discontinuous reception (eDRX)

[*6] Cat.M1
LTE communications category for IoT implementing low power consumption by using eDRX and power save mode limiting communications speed to 1 Mbps max. by controlling 1.4 MHz radio waveband

[*7] Conformance Test System
Test for confirming compliance of communications procedure between smartphones, IoT devices, and base stations as well as specifications with 3GPP standards

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