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Universal Wireless Test Set MT8870A Function Upgrade for IoT/M2M


Pantsuit Pte Ltd is pleased to announce the development of three new measurements software packages expanding the functions of the company’s Universal Wireless Test Set MT8870A to support manufacturing tests of IoT/M2M products. Sales start January 25, 2016.

By offering these new functions for manufacturing mobile terminals, wireless modules, and chipsets, Anritsu hopes to play a key role in improving product manufacturing efficiency for faster time to market (TTM).

The newly developed software packages are listed below.






WLAN 802.11p TX Measurement


WLAN 802.11p Waveforms



DLE TX Measurement


DLE Waveforms



Z-Wave TX Measurement


Z-Wave Waveforms

[Development Background]

The rapid expansion of the IoT/M2M applications market starting with the ‘connected car,’ wearables, smartphones, etc., is increasing the need for wireless testing of communications terminals and modules. The majority of these products support both mobile wireless systems, such as LTE and W-CDMA, as well as short-range 802.11a/b/g/n/ac and Bluetooth, etc., in one unit, requiring a fast, all-in-one, test set for measuring multiple wireless systems.

With this new release of three software packages, Anritsu is adding support for 802.11p, Bluetooth DLE, and Z-Wave to its measurement software product line for the MT8870A, covering a frequency range from 10 MHz to 6 GHz and supporting manufacturing tests for IoT/M2M applications.

[Product Outline]

Universal Wireless Test Set MT8870A
Up to four MU887000A TRX Test Modules can be installed in the MT8870A to configure an all-in-one test set for evaluating the RF TRX performance of smartphones, tablets, and communications modules supporting multiple systems, such as WLAN, mobile wireless communications, etc. With its wide bandwidth support for frequencies from 10 MHz to 6 GHz, the MT8870A is the ideal test platform for IoT/M2M applications in the various frequency bands expected to be standardized in future.

WLAN 802.11p TX Measurement/Waveforms
The new MX887032A/MV887032A software package supports 802.11p RF tests for the 700-MHz and 5.9-GHz bands to be used for automotive roadside and vehicle-to-vehicle wireless communications. When used in combination with the MT8870A PC application software, it supports RF tests of 802.11p compliant chipsets, modules, dashboard equipment, etc. Additionally, the software can also be used to configure a fully automated test environment with control of device chipsets. The MT8870A already supports existing wireless communications systems used by in-vehicle equipment, such as the current WLAN 802.11a/b/g/n/ac standard as well as Bluetooth and GNSS, offering a low-cost test solution for all wireless communications technologies in one set.

Target Markets: Manufacturing of Z-Wave chipsets, and modules; manufacturing of smart-home routers, etc.

Bluetooth DLE TX Measurement/Waveforms
The new MX887040A-001/MV887040A-001 software package supports wireless tests for the latest Bluetooth Core Specification version 4.2, which expands the Bluetooth low energy data length from 37 octets to 255 octets to improve system throughput by reducing the data transmission overhead and speeding-up communications between a host device, such as a smartphone, and a nearby sensing device, such as a wearable.

Target Markets: Manufacturing of Bluetooth Smart and Bluetooth Smart Ready chipsets and modules; manufacturing of devices for smartphones.

Z-Wave TX Measurement/Waveforms
The new MX887061A/MV887061A software package supports ITU-T G.9959 Z-Wave RF tests. Z-Wave is a low-power wireless technology using the 900-MHz band and targeting the home-automation market, such as home security and remote control of home appliances. It incorporates both Wi-Fi, enabling connection between a smart-home router functioning as the home-automation hub, smartphones and PCs, as well as mobile communications like LTE to connect with public networks and the Internet. With its support for multiple wireless communications systems, the MT8870A is the ideal, all-in-one, fast solution supporting the required multisystem measurements.

Target Markets: Manufacturing of Z-Wave chipsets, and modules; manufacturing of smart-home routers, etc.

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