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Signal Quality Analyzer MP1800A Supports High Speed Serial BUS Receiver Test


Anritsu has released a test solution for High Speed Serial BUS Receivers using its Signal Quality Analyzer MP1800A series and GRL-PCIE4-BASE-RXA calibration/receiver test software developed by Granite River Labs (GRL). The GRL-PCIE4-BASE-RXA software will be marketed by GRL from November 30, 2015.

[Development Background]

Digital communications systems must become increasingly faster to cope with the explosive increase in data traffic. The receiver test of PHY*1 devices implementing high-speed data transfers in personal computers (PCs) and servers assures compatible connectivity by adding stress such as channel loss and jitter. The next-generation PCIe Gen4 standard increases the bit rate per lane to 16 Gbit/s, which requires even higher precision calibration.

Calibration of the receiver test signal is a complex procedure requiring control of multiple parameters, such as addition of emphasis and multiple jitter types, including SJ, RJ, SSC*2, etc., as well as addition of common-mode and differential-mode noise.

Furthermore, devices must be verified to ensure that these functions are controlled within the standard specification range guaranteeing good reproducibility. Consequently, receiver test automation software not only eliminates the complexities of test-signal calibration and assures test specifications, but also relies on the excellent performance, such as low intrinsic jitter, low noise, and high input sensitivity, of the bit error rate tester (BERT) forming the heart of the measurement system hardware for assuring reproducible results.

[Outline of Measurement Solution]

This receiver test solution is composed of the MP1800A, noise signal source, variable ISI channel*3, and real-time oscilloscope; the GRL-PCIE4-BASE-RXA from GRL controls the system to automate calibration of the complex test signal and simplify jitter tolerance tests.

Furthermore, the MP1800A wideband BERT forming a key part of the measurement system not only supports PCIe Gen4 but also has the excellent waveform and high input sensitivity performance required for evaluating high-speed serial interfaces, such as 100GbE, InfiniBand, etc., and helps assure high- reproducibility receiver tests.

This test solution using the GRL-PCIE4-BASE-RXA software and MP1800A simplifies calibration for receiver tests as well as jitter tolerance tests while guaranteeing high-reproducibility results and assuring efficient testing of devices.

[GRL-PCIE4-BASE-RXA Software Features]

  • Supports one-button jitter tolerance tests for PCIe-Gen4 Rev 0.5 devices
  • Supports high-reproducibility test-signal calibration and receiver test
  • Auto-controls variable ISI channel and calibrates Eye opening
  • Simplifies measurement condition settings and test execution
  • Saves reports in PDF formats

To learn more about MP1800A

*1 PHY device
Physical layer device. The devices convert logical signal to actual electrical signal
These are abbreviations for the various types of jitter classified according to source and characteristics.
SJ: Sinusoidal Jitter
RJ: Random Jitter; this unbounded jitter approximates a normal distribution.
SSC: Spread Spectrum Clocking. This is a technology for imposing Jitter on a reference clock signal to reduce EMI.
*3 ISI: Intersymbol Interference
ISI is one type of distortion occurring in electrical signals according to the non-linear frequency characteristics of the transmission path that lowers the transmission quality

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