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Anritsu Introduces the Network Master Optical Channel Analyzer, New Field Instrument for the Test of CWDM Access Network

"Cost-effective, small, rugged and easy-to-use test equipment for installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of CWDM access networks"

Anritsu Instruments Company, a subsidiary of Anritsu Corporation and a global provider of operational support solutions for advanced and converged networks, announced today the release of its new Optical Channel Analyzer module (MU909020A) as part of the Network Master MT9090A Family.

The Network Master OCA is a field modular device designed to measure and monitor power and wavelength over the 18 CWDM channels. It is a cost-effective alternative to more complex OSA for the emerging CWDM market, providing fast and reliable measurements in every environment. Coming in a small, light and rugged handheld format, this easy to use instrument is the ideal and essential mate of each field technician for installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of CWDM access networks.

Thanks to its reduced boot-up and warm-up times, the Network Master OCA allows a rapid characterization of a CWDM network, with a global vision of all the CWDM channels displayed in a graph or a table window on the large screen of the instrument. The network analysis is simplified thanks to pre-stored pass and fail indicators, in accordance with the ITU-T G.695 standard. Several drift functions allow a long-term characterization of the channels, a key point in CWDM networks where channels are lightened by uncooled lasers.

"The Network Master OCA has been especially designed to be the essential tool for the installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of CWDM access networks. Its small size, light weight and elegant look will benefit to every field technicians" says Gildas Chauvel, Product Manager, Anritsu Instruments Company. "The software interface has been carefully developed to particularly ease the measurements of CWDM parameters, and will require quite no training to characterize a CWDM network in a glance".

Network Master OCA Key Features: Measure Power and Wavelength over the 18 CWDM channels

  • Monitor all channels for changes (drift) in the power channel level or channel wavelength over time.
  • Function as a traditional power meter to allow measurements at any wavelength in the range.
  • Measurement of the total incident power
  • Pass or fail indicators for in-field compliance
  • Most compact and lightweight tester
  • Universal optical connector easy to clean by the operator
  • No moving part and battery operation, ideal for field applications
  • Low cost alternative to more complex OSA
  • Interchangeable module, removable without the use of special tools and without requiring calibration
  • Compliant to ITU-T G.695 and G.694.2 standards

    Availability The Network Master OCA will be available for delivery in December 2007.

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