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Supporting Your Remote Working

Anritsu—Supporting Your Remote Working

We have collected together contents supporting remote working, including webinars on 5G, electronic measuring instrument operation guides, etc. We shall be adding new content to these materials, so be sure to visit the site regularly for more hints on how to continue business during this difficult period. Please feel free to contact us about your requirements, demonstrations, and other questions.

Webinars/Operation Guides Product Information Remote Operation of Measuring Instruments Product Pick-up

Webinars/Operation Guides

Webinars and product operation guides videos are available on and Anritsu YouTube channel. Find the video you want.

Product Operation Guides (Demonstration Videos)

These videos explain instrument functions, usage examples, and operation methods.

Pulse Pattern Generator/Bit Error Rate Tester (BERT)

Spectrum Analyzer/Signal Analyzer

Vector Network Analyzer

Mobile/Wireless Communications Measuring Instruments


Product Information

Use the following links to easily access information about Anritsu products and solutions.

Product Information

Click here to search for electronic measuring instruments matching your needs.

Anritsu Web Exhibition

Access the Web Exhibition pages to find the latest solutions.

5G/IoT/Automotive testing with Anritsu

Use each of these links to search for information about 5G/IoT/Automotive test-related issues, Anritsu's approach, and solutions.


Remote Operation of Measuring Instruments

This section explains how to remotely operate instruments in an actual laboratory remotely from home, etc., via a network.

*: Only connect to your network after assessing your company's policies on access and security, as well as software virus infection risks.


Product Pick-up

This section explains some key measuring instruments. Click the links for more detailed information.

Network Master Pro MT1000A


The Network Master Pro MT1000A can synchronize the time with another MT1000A using a connected GPS receiver (sold separately) to measure one-way latency accurately between network segments. This is useful for demonstrating low-latency applications using 5G.

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USB Vector Network Analyzer (VNA)


The compact and portable Modular 1 Port Vector Network Analyzer MS46131 improves the efficiency of reflection-attenuation tests by using one PC to control two VNAs. There are three models (8/20/43.5 GHz) to choose from for measuring 5G devices.



Please feel free to contact our business section using the following links for detailed information about products in which you are interested, demonstrations, and test solutions.

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