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Solving Problems Not Found by Power Meter

Most cable installation technicians deploying new optical fibers use a power meter to check the fiber continuity and measure the level of the arriving optical signal, including the total loss of the fiber cable. However, level measurement with a power meter cannot forecast potential future causes of problems. Worse, when a problem does finally occur, a power meter cannot locate the exact site of the fault in the cable.
Anritsu's new MT9083 Series and MT9090 Series OTDR (Optical Time Domain Reflectometer) easily troubleshoots the cause of fiber problems by pinpointing future problem sites, such as sharp bends in fiber and drops in optical loss level, making it easy to forecast problems and take preventive measures in advance.
Moreover, connecting a fiberscope makes it possible to check connector fiber end faces for dirt and scratches, helping prevent device connection problems.
Power Meter/Anritsu's OTDR - table
 Example of fiber loss measurement  Example of fiberscope measurement

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