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6.25 kHz, [Answer] to Narrowbanding Needs

6.25 kHz, Here’s the answer to your narrowbanding needs

The drive for more efficient usage of available frequencies in the Land Mobile Radio (LMR) field is leading to narrower channels; in N. America, many land mobile radio will have switched to 6.25 kHz/ch in 2017 and the switch to fully digital radio is being promoted too.
The new specifications for measuring out-of-band spurious and adjacent channel power ratio (ACPR) standardized by the International Telecommunication Union Radiocommunications Sector (ITU-R) and the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) are severe and the compliance tests require an expensive high-end spectrum analyzer with excellent close-in phase noise performance.
Anritsu has recently launched its new MS2830A-066 Low Phase Noise option for the MS2830A Signal Analyzer, supporting the same close-in phase noise performance as high-end spectrum analyzers but for a fraction of the cost.
The new Anritsu measurement solution solves your production and inspection problems when measuring land mobile radio equipment.
Eliminates expensive high-end spectrum analyzer costs.

The MS2830A with Low Phase Noise option using Anritsu's unique circuits supports the same close-in phase noise performance as high-end spectrum analyzers.
Out-of-band spurious, adjacent channel power ratio (ACPR), emissions mask, and more—the MS2830A performance margin meets the severest standards, eliminating worries over the cost and need for high-end spectrum analyzers on radio equipment production and inspection lines, where cost cutting is a key factor.

 Example of Out-of-Band Spurious
 Measurement (TELEC)
   Example of ACPR Measurement (TIA-102/603)

Low Phase Noise option performance comparison

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The same as high-end spectrum analyzer

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Cuts tact time and improves yield
This Low Phase Noise option focuses only on close-in phase noise performance in the frequency band used by land mobile radio. As a result, it has the same close-in phase noise performance as high-end spectrum analyzers, but at one-third the cost—a 66%* saving.
The excellent basic performance, including level accuracy and measurement speed, cuts line setup costs, tact time, etc., while improving production and inspection yield and throughput.
*: Comparison with general spectrum analyzer meeting severe standards requirements

measurement speed, level accuracy Demo

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