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Anritsu Launches of High-Coherence 1060-nm Wavelength Swept Light Source Module


Anritsu Launches of High-Coherence 1060-nm Wavelength Swept Light Source Module

Anritsu Corporation (President Hirokazu Hamada) is pleased to announce the September 27 sales launch of the company’s 1060-nm Wavelength Swept Light Source AQA0600A with a sweep frequency of 1.25 kHz as a sensing*1 light source for measurements in the medical and chemical fields.

This released swept wavelength light source outputs high-coherence*2 phase-continuous light of 1060 nm with low water absorption from a compact (40×27×31.6 mm) metal package, making it ideal for inclusion in medical and chemical OCT*3 and bio-imaging equipment as well as thin-film testers.

Development Background

OCT using laser interferometry is being applied as a recent optical measurement technology in various fields ranging from non-contact section measurement of biological materials to medical observation of the retina in ophthalmology diagnostics, etc.

To promote use in more applications, especially medicine and chemistry, Anritsu has used its unique MEMS technology to develop this high sweep-speed light source with high coherence plus the center wavelength of 1060 nm with low water absorption.


Product Outline

This Anritsu light source supports single narrow-band vertical-mode phase-continuous sweeping with high coherence for precision measurement over a wide distance range. It is ideal for optical sensing applications such as OCT measurements and bio-imaging of living and biological materials.

Target Markets and Applications

Target Markets
  • Medical and Chemical Fields
  • Medical/Chemical OCT and bio-imaging
    • Medical Field: Medical OCT
    • Chemical Field: Bio-imaging and film thickness measurement

Technical Terms

*1 Sensing
Sensing is a quantitative measurement technology for remotely measuring physical objects using light, ultrasound, radar echoes, x-rays, etc. Typical examples of industrial optical sensing are measuring surface temperature using a thermo-viewer, as well as ranging measurement using the wavelength and propagation time difference of light reflected from a target.
*2 Coherence
The property of light to interfere with each other.
*3 OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography)
A technology using light interference to take tomographic images of the inside of an object or the human body, and further beam scanning to precisely measure the 3-D structure of the object. It features use of near-infrared wavelengths to capture images non-destructively without physical contact and is used for thin-film pass/fail inspections and ophthalmic diagnosis.
*4 MEMS (Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems)
Device with precision technologies such as mechanical elements, sensors, actuators, electronic circuits, etc., integrated on silicon, glass, or organic substrate.

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