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Development of Built-in Type 1550-nm Swept Wavelength Light Sources


Compact Design for Embodiment in Customers’ Products


Anritsu Corporation (President Hirokazu Hamada) is pleased to announce the July-26 release of its built-in type 1550-nm AQA5500D (1.25-kHz sweep frequency) and AQB5500D (150-Hz sweep frequency) swept wavelength light sources for industrial, medical, infrastructure, and plant sensing applications.

These built-in types, compact, swept light source models are ideal for embodiment in customers’ various products. Like our conventional benchtop models, they feature mode-hopping free, single longitudinal-mode, narrow-band sweeping with excellent phase continuity and high coherence*1, supporting micron-order precision remote measurement from distances several tens of meters when used as a light source for optical frequency domain reflectometry (OFDR)*2.

They can be embodied in optical coherence tomography (OCT) and thin-film measurement equipment, as well as in factory automation (FA) shape-measuring instruments, and in OFDR systems for measurement of large structures. By contributing to development of new sensing technologies, these Anritsu swept wavelength light sources will support future IoT-based society.

Development Background

Recently, OFDR, which is a type of optical measurement using laser interferometry, is finding applications in various fields, such as precision shape measurement, thin-film measurement, microstructure measurement, etc.

Anritsu developed this new range of compact, lightweight, built-in light sources to meet customers’ demand for devices that can be embodied in their products for these fields.

Product Outline

These Anritsu swept wavelength light sources feature single longitudinal-mode, narrow-band, phase-continuous, mode-hop-free wavelength sweeping. Incorporation as the core device in interferometers, optical receivers, A/D converters, etc., facilitates configuration of OFDR systems for high-speed measurement with micron-order accuracy over a wide range of several tens of meter.


Target Markets and Applications

Target Markets
  • Length, range and shape measurement in FA, infrastructure and medical
  • Length, range and shape measurement:
    • FA Field: Industrial OCT, precision measurement and inspection (Thin films, machined parts shape, burring, Scratches, etc.), remote measurement of vibration (real time) and harsh environments (sparks, etc.)
    • Medical: Medical OCT, fiber sensing
  • Infrastructure field: Deformation and displacement of large structures, fiber sensing

Technical Terms

*1 High Coherence
High coherence indicates that the light has a long coherence length.
*2 OFDR (Optical Frequency Domain Reflectometry)
OFDR is one optical measurement method using the coherence of laser light. It has found recent applications in various fields due to its support for non-contact, high-accuracy measurement of the distance from the laser output to the target.

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