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After Sales Support


Comprehensive support, including excellent maintenance services, is our strength.

Even with the most careful use, machines inevitably become damaged and worn. That's why Anritsu offers a suite of maintenance services to ensure our high-performance products last longer and perform at their best.

In the production-equipment business, a product without a maintenance package is of little use.

When we sign a vendor contract with an agency in any country, we ensure as a non-negotiable condition that the agency can provide top-quality maintenance services in order to maintain equipment in good running condition and ensure rapid response in the event of any unforeseen trouble. We also offer service training in each region, improving the technical skill and knowledge base of service professionals. Whether the customer buys an Anritsu product from a local affiliate, an agency or Anritsu itself, dependable maintenance service is our promise.

A Global Maintenance Network

With each passing year, our maintenance network is expanding; today it encompasses some 40 countries and regions. We recognize that customers with a global business reach require dependable maintenance services wherever in the world they operate.