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 X-ray Inspection: Feature-3

 Safety in design


We believe that customer safety is of utmost importance.

Anritsu safety mechanism

1. Emergency stop switch
Cuts power to x-ray and drive circuits, stops the conveyor and x-ray radiation.

2. X-ray ON/OFF key
Turning the key to OFF stops x-ray radiation completely.

3. X-ray shield cover open/close sensor
Opening the cover stops X-ray radiation.

4. X-ray shield cover
Opened/Closed using x-ray Irradiation ON/OFF Key. Opening the cover stops x-ray radiation due to the x-ray Shield Cover Open/Close Sensor.

5. X-ray irradiation display
The lamp is lit during x-ray radiation.

6. Leakage prevention curtain
Prevents x-ray leakage. For unpackaged or bulk products, the standard lead impregnated curtains are replaced with SUS plates and covers - preventing direct food contact with the curtains.

7. Hand insertion sensor
Interrupting the sensor for a certain period of time stops x-ray radiation.

7つの安全機構 - Anritsu safety mechanism

Safety management

X-ray Inspection System has been designed to fully satisfy the safe operation. However, to ensure even higher safety, use the safety procedures outlined below.

1. Periodic measurement and recording of x-ray leakage data

2. Management of operator working hours

3. Additional safety measures : Covers may need to be mounted on upstream and downstream conveyors instead of the shield curtains, depending on the shape, weight, and package of products.

4. No disassembly or modification : NEVER modify or disassemble the main unit, covers, x-ray leakage prevention curtains, safety covers, safety interlocks, etc., otherwise the x-ray leak-proof design may no longer be functional.

Safety of inspected products

WHO concluded in 1980 that the “irradiation of any food commodity up to an overall average dose of 10 kGy presents no toxicological hazard and introduces no special nutritional or microbiological problems.”

The maximum dose of x-ray irradiation to the products to be inspected by our x-ray inspection systems is 0.002 Gy, which is much lower than the value described above. Even if a product stops inside, the x-ray dose is always kept to 0.1 Gy or less.

Note: Follow the local laws and regulations regarding the installation and use of the x-ray inspection systems.

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