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High Speed Automatic Weighing

高速自動計量 - High Speed Automatic Weighing
The power of Automatic Combination Weighers is clearly evident in processes that fill and package specified weights of foodstuffs at high speeds. Anritsu Automatic Combination Weighers not only deliver high speed and precision, but also incorporate a wide palette of techniques for protecting food and maintaining hygiene.
Main Function
Main Spec
自動電子計量機 クリーンカップスケール - Automatic Combination Weigher Clean Cup Scale
Clean Cup Scale
Automatic Combination Weigher
Ideal for highly sticky product VM weighing method Weighing range: 5 to 500 g / 5 to 1000 g
Accuracy: 0.5 to 3 g
Maximum speed: 80 packs/min, 45 + 45 packs/min (Twin)
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