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External view of the new Anritsu Capsule Checkweigher

For Pharmaceutical Industries

Capsule Checkweigher
This product has been discontinued
100% capsule weighing solution with world's highest-level precision and reliability.

Advanced quality control with the industry-leading weighing accuracy

Best weighing solution for capsules containing active pharmaceutical ingredients

Anritsu's force balance technology provides the maximum weighing accuracy of ±0.5 mg, meeting even the most stringent standards for cuspules such as anticancer drugs and immunosuppressive drugs, in which only small changes in quantity could affect both intended effects and side effects.

Contribution in yield improvement

High-precision weighing enables you to set the upper and lower limits of the checkweigher closer to the permissible weight limits for your product quality control standard. As a result, the ratio of non-defective products will increase, contributing to improved production efficiency and reduction of raw material costs.

Anritsu's force balance load cell achieves maximum weighing accuracy of +/- 0.5 mg.

3 models are available according to the production scale

The most compact 10-lane model can process up to 75,000 capsules/hour, while 30-lane model can candle maximum 230,000 capsules/hour.
You can select the best suitable model depending on the production volume.

Capsule Checkweigher(KWS9002AP10 (10 lanes)/KWS9002AP20 (20 lanes)/KWS9002AP30 (30 lanes)

The most reliable capsule handling system

Capsules placed in the inlet hopper are divided into multiple lanes by the magazine and transported, weighed and sorted at high speed.
The newly developed handling mechanism has significantly improved reliability and environmental flexibility in capsule handling.
It can handle a variety of capsules, including filled and empty capsules.
The feeding mechanism is easy on capsules as it reduces static electricity, and also ensures precise inspections and reliably rejects improper weight products.

New capsule handling mechanism of the capsule checkweigher

Enhanced fail-safe mechanisms

In case of unexpected malfunction and troubles
If the power is cut off due to a power outage or lightning strike and the measurement becomes impossible, both the rejection and the exclusion gate immediately operate to eliminate all the capsules being transported and do not transport them to the subsequent stage.

Enhanced fail-safe mechanisms with Exclusion gate and Rejection gate.

Enhanced safety with interlock system
The panels covering the magazine and conveyor are fully transparent and have no blind spots. Good visibility facilitates checking for residual capsules, helping to prevent cross contamination. The covers can be opened and closed without tools. If any cover is open, the equipment is stopped with the interlock for safe operation.

Appearance of Anritsu Capsule Checkweigher with the transparent covers opened.

Quick, tool-free part exchange

The parts for each capsule size can be attached and detached without tools. The magazine and conveyor are easily accessible and can be held firmly with both hands. Compared to the previous model, the number of parts has been reduced, which decreases the changeover time to one minute or less.

Replacing the capsule magazine.

Conforming to international industry standards and regulations

The system supports user authentication, audit trails, and data encryption/decryption required by FDA 21 CFR Part 11 (optional).
The parts in contact with capsules are made of materials compliant with FDA 21 CFR Part177. (The material certificate and the processing certificate are available.)

For further product detail, please refer to the product brochure which you can download from the button below.

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Anritsu's high precision Capsule Checkweighers weigh 100% capsules reliably at high speed.

It is equipped with the newly developed capsule handling mechanisms which ensure highly reliable capsule feeding, weighing, and rejection. Anritsu's force balance weighing technology provides the industry's highest weighing accuracy of ± 0.5 mg, contributing to more advanced quality control and improved production efficiency.

Major benefits with Anritsu Capsule Checkweighers are shown below.

  • World's highest level precision weighing, the maximum accuracy +/- 0.5 mg in 3 sigma.
  • Yield improvement: High-precision weighing enables you to set the upper and lower limits of the checkweigher closer to the permissible weight limits for your product quality control standard.
  • The new handling mechanism ensures reliable capsule feeding, weighing, and rejection
  • Quick, tool-free part exchange
  • Large 15-inch touch panel with user-friendly GUI shows complete line status up to 10 lanes in a single screen.
  • Automatic sensitivity check function: It only takes 30 seconds for the built-in weight check to verify weigh cell sensitivity.
  • Enhanced fail-safe structure: When power outage is caused, both the rejection and the exclusion gate immediately eliminate all the capsules being transported.
  • Conforming to international industry standards and regulations (FDA 21 CFR Part 11, exc.)
External Dimensions
External drawing of Capsule Checkweigher KWS9002AP10/KWS9002AP20/KWS9002AP30
Type KWS9002AP10 KWS9002AP20 KWS9002AP30
Weighing range 2 to 2000 mg
Scale interval 0.1 mg
Maximum throughput*1 75,000 capsules/h 150,000 capsules/h 230,000 capsules/h
Lanes 10 lanes 20 lanes 30 lanes
Maximum accuracy (3σ)*1 +/-0.5 mg
Display 15-inch color TFT LCD
Operation method Touch panel + Key (Start, Stop, and Home are direct push buttons)
Indication range 2045.0 mg
Preset memory Maximum 50
Classification*2 4 ways (overweight/correct weight/underweight/unclassified)
Product size Capsule No. 000 to 5
Power requirements*3 100 Vac to 115 Vac +10% -15%, single phase, 50/60 Hz, rush current 74 A (typ) (90 ms or less)
Power consumption 500 VA 700 VA 1000 VA
Air requirements 0.5 MPa to 0.9 MPa, 200 ℓ/min [A.N.R.]; Air supply port: nylon tube of 8 mm dia.
Mass 350 kg 500 kg 700 kg
Environmental conditions 15°C to 30°C (variation not to exceed 1°C/h to maintain accuracy), relative humidity 30% to 70% (no-condensing)
Protection class IP30 (IP50 for weighcell)
Exterior Stainless steel (SUS304)
Data output USB port (USB 2.0), Ethernet interface (10BASE=T, 100BASE-TX)
1: Maximum throughput and maximum accuracy may vary depending on capsule size, filling content and quantity.
2: A rejection gate is installed per 10 lanes.
3: 120 Vas, 200 Vac to 240 Vac are available as an option.
Note: The noise level of the checkweigher is 79 dB (A) or less.
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