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Weight Inspection

質量検査 - Weight Inspection
Checkweighers play a vital role in food and pharmaceutical manufacturing by ensuring consistency of product weight. Anritsu's checkweighers not only weigh products at a high speed and with a high accuracy but also respond to diverse customers' needs ranging from feedback control for filling machines to HACCP and GMP support.
Main Function
Main Spec
オートチェッカ(重量選別機)高精度モデル SSV-hシリーズ - Checkweigher High Accuracy SSV-h series
High Accuracy [SSV-h series]
Equipped with a high speed/high accuracy force balance load cell. Smart Guide
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Maximum speed: 600 products/min
Maximum accuracy: ±0.01 g
Washdown SSVi
Washdown [SSV-i series]
For unpackaged and fresh foods which require stringent sanitary control. Smart Guide
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Protection class: IP66
Maximum speed: 330 products/min
Maximum accuracy: ±0.1 g
オートチェッカ(重量選別機)汎用モデル SSV-fシリーズ - Checkweigher Economy SSV-f series
Economy [SSV-f series]
Well suited for a variety of applications including heavy products. Smart Guide
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Maximum speed: 400 products/min
Maximum accuracy: ±0.2 g
オートチェッカ(重量選別機)金属検出部付モデル SSVシリーズ - Checkweigher With Metal Detector
With Metal Detector
Compact and Reliable Inspection With Metal Detector
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Minimum system length: 775 mm
Various Checkweighing Solutions
For Pharmaceutical Industries
For the inspections of tablets, capsules, sampling, PTP, small-diameter bottles, aerosol inhaler, etc. - -
External view of the new Anritsu Capsule Checkweigher
Capsule Checkweigher
For Pharmaceutical Industries
For capsules High speed, High accuracy Maximum accuracy: +/-0.5 mg
オートチェッカ(重量選別機)スタンディング品向け - Checkweigher for Standing Products
For Standing Products
For the inspections of cartons, dessert, etc. - -
オートチェッカ(重量選別機)ランク選別 - Checkweigher for Grading
For Grading
For grading products ranging from seafood to vegetables. - -
Multilane Inspection
Multi-lane inspection
The space-saving checkweigher allows weighing control of multilane with just one indicator. - -
モバイルモニター - Mobile Monitor for Checkweigher
Mobile Monitor
Remote checkweigher operation monitoring helps to optimize overall line efficiency. Software sold separetely Connectable equipment: Checkweigher SV series and SSV series