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Technical topics

Contaminant inspection - No.1: Image Processing Technology

Anritsu's superior expertise in image processing and electronics open new horizons in high-sensitivity detection and fine customization.

Before signal processing, X-ray images tend to suffer from considerable noise, deriving from the shape, consistency and other characteristics of the product. With the patient accumulation of original research, Anritsu succeeded in developing a number of powerful algorithms for signal processing and image analysis, enabling it to extract accurately just the signals generated by contaminants. Moreover, because we develop all our products in-house, we know the details of our products inside and out, so we can precisely tune each component to each customer' s needs. The result is the delivery of customer-specific X-ray inspection solutions as only Anritsu can.

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Image Processing Technology

The image above is the unprocessed image; the image below shows the 3D image rendered after image processing. Different image filters highlight different contaminants.

Contaminant inspection - No.2: Magnetic Field Control Technology

Magnetic-field control: A prescient technology, courtesy of our engineers' relentless spirit of inquiry

Anritsu Metal Detectors find contaminants by detecting fluctuations in magnetic fields, which are generated when contaminants pass across their sensors. Different metals have different characteristics, among which are the frequencies at which they react to magnetic fields. As one of the first companies to recognize the applications for this phenomenon, Anritsu quickly patented a series of technologies for high-precision detection of these various metals. After overcoming a procession of technological obstacles, Anritsu succeeded in developing commercial applications. This remarkable innovation in such a mature field was made possible by the relentless spirit of inquiry of Anritsu's talented engineers.

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Magnetic Field Control Technology

Simultaneous detection using two magnetic fields: Magnetic fields are generated at two frequencies to detect both Fe and SUS with high sensitivity.

Dynamic Weighing Technology

An extensive track record Anritsu's dynamic weighing technologies deliver exceptional speed and accuracy.

Anritsu's electromagnetic balance can conduct up to 600 weight measurements per minute, with milligram-level precision. Using a highly rigid structure and Anritsu's original dynamic-filter technology, this system achieves unbelievable measurement speed and accuracy. Technologies such as these are the product of Anritsu's tradition of uncompromising design combined with repeated and patient simulation, testing and proving. Farsighted processes such as these are the key to Anritsu's success in technological evolution. Though each scale may be small, each represents over 40 years of painstaking progress in measurement technology at Anritsu.

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Dynamic Weighing Technology

Hardness simulation using CAD

VM Weighing Method

High performance in a simple structure Excellence in Automatic Combination Weighers springs from original ideas at Anritsu.

Generally, the faster a weighing system operates, the more complex its structure needs to be, and the greater grows the possible damage to the foodstuffs it measures. To solve this problem, Anritsu created the Vertical Memory (VM) method. This revolutionary system delivers a quantum leap in weighing precision while radically simplifying the structure, ensuring that the products measured are handled gently at all times.

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VM Weighing Method

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