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Technical Note (For Pharmaceutical)

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Quality Control with X-ray inspection data (Part 2 of 2)
IoT support solution for X-ray inspection systems

April 2021

IoT: The Internet of Things can help to improve quality and productivity in a variety of areas. As the IoT wave spreads to the pharmaceutical industry, it is expected to serve as a means of solving a variety of issues. We will discuss the current status of IoT in the industry and solutions based on inspection data from an X-ray inspection system.

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Technical Note April 2021

Quality Control with X-ray inspection data (Part 1 of 2)
Beyond contaminant detection

February 2021

With the system’s improving accuracy year after year, the inspection using X-ray Inspection systems has been introduced in a variety of industries as an effective means of contaminant detection.

For example, X-ray inspection systems are employed for sensory tests such as conventional palpation, and effectively contributing to labor saving. Manufacturers in the pharmaceutical industry have applied X-ray inspection systems to inspect the inside of the package of non-transmissive materials, which is not feasible with the conventional optical inspection system.

X-ray inspection systems of late years being incorporated to IoT system continue growing to deliver further advanced quality control.

Part 1 of 2 of this subject, you will find various usage of Anritsu’s X-ray inspection system, more than detecting contaminating foreign bodies.

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Technical Note February 2021

Data Management and FDA 21 CFR Part 11 are the basis of Data Integrity

March 2019

Recently, data management during production becomes increasingly important. You may often hear the phrase "FDA 21 CFR Part11".
Take a look at what it is and what Anritsu can do for that.

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Technical Note March 2019

High Precision Mass Inspection with Accuracy of ±0.5 mg* Achieved

January 2019

Anritsu's capsule checkweighers have achieved the industry's highest weighing precision* of ±0.5 mg. Here, we will describe the background as to why there is a demand for high precision mass inspections and also provide an explanation of the newly developed balance used in our capsule checkweigher.

* The highest weighing precision of ±0.5 mg is based on our survey results.

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Technical Note January 2019

Effect of X-ray Inspection on Pharmaceutical Products

November 2018

Cameras are commonly used for quality inspection of pharmaceutical products, but are you aware of X-ray inspection systems for the internal inspection of pharmaceutical products? X-ray inspection systems are preeminent in the inspection of non-transparent packaged drugs. However, we understand that many people are concerned about the effects of X-rays on the quality and/or physical properties of pharmaceutical products when they consider introducing such a system into their facilities. For this reason, we will discuss the effects of X-ray inspection on pharmaceutical products.

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Technical Note November 2018

> Technical Note (For general use)

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