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Metal Detectors

Test piece:

This is a test piece of the contaminant that is used to confirm the detection sensitivity.

Fe (ferrous) and SUS304 (stainless steel) spheres are used for metal detectors.

SUS304 (stainless steel) wire, vinyl chloride cube, and glass cube are also available for x-ray inspection systems. Since a national traceability system has not been created in Japan yet, Anritsu has its own traceability system for testing metal detectors.

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Detection sensitivity:

This expresses the size of detectable contaminants. When the detection sensitivity is good, it means that very small contaminants can be detected. The detection sensitivity described in the catalog is the smallest detectable size when only the test piece is fed. Actual sensitivity depends on the physical properties of products (contents and shape) and on the environmental conditions.



(Digital Signal Processor 、Digital Signal Processing)

This abbreviation can mean either a digital signal processor or digital signal processing.

The former is a single microprocessor chip dedicated to digital signal processing. These chips convert audio, video and measured data into digital signals to eliminate noise and obtain only the required signal that can be processed stably at high speeds.

This technology is used in digital filters and waveform analysis.

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