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Metal Detector is used in many production lines for pharmaceutical tablets and capsules to ensure quality in the post-process of tableting machines and capsule filling machines. In recent years, the number of orally disintegrating tablets has increased, and the consumers are getting more interested in the safety and security. Due to the background, more accurate foreign body inspection is becoming more and more important.

Anritsu’s Metal Detector for tablets and capsules have four advanced features: high stability, high sensitivity, validation support, and easy use. Please watch the following video to know the detail of these features.

Having troubles with false rejection?

Anritsu’s pharmaceutical metal detectors offer the industry's highest level of detection performance while maintaining great stability in the production line. Factors that hinder the stability of the metal detector include vibration from upstream and downstream equipment that disturbs the magnetic field of the metal detector, noise from peripheral equipment, and static electricity. Anritsu's unique advanced digital signal technology has increased resistance to vibration noise and inverter noise, and against static electricity, measures such as antistatic chute have been enhanced to prevent false rejection.

Factors of false rejection with Metal Detector

In addition, the Rejector is equipped with a function to check the rejection operation with sensors on the Pass side and NG side. The Self-validation function constantly monitors correct functioning of the metal detector which ensures reliable inspection.

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