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Quicca Pharma is a comprehensive quality control and control system that collects, visualizes, analyses, and utilizes data from inspection machines. It contributes to the improvement of production efficiency by providing a variety of data analysis functions while monitoring and collecting data in real time on the pass / fail judgment results and production status of inspection machines connected via a network.

Overview of QUICCA Pharma

Record and manage electronic data that complies with industry’s best practice and international regulations

Quicca Pharma addresses data integrity requirement, which is an urgent need in the pharmaceutical industries, enabling strict user authentication and audit trail that can track what operation was done when and by whom, while preventing manipulation of the electronic data.

QUICCA Pharma coverage for FDA 21CFR Part 11 and data integrity

In the video below, we will show demonstrations to show basic functions with Quicca Pharma (Video: Produced in March 2021).

We have another video introducing Anritsu’s approach to realize Pharma 4.0. If you are interested in Pharma 4.0, please contact us from here.

Demonstration video for QUICCA Pharma
Demonstration video for QUICCA Pharma

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