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Banner image of Pharmaceutical X-ray Inspection System

Best-in-class detection performance with a new line sensor

These days, double-sided aluminium foil packaging is increasing to maintain the quality of medicines due to the excellent barrier properties. With vision inspection system (camera), it is difficult to inspect the medicines in such opaque packaging materials. That is the background that Anritsu has developed an X-ray inspection system for pharmaceutical products by applying its advanced X-ray control technology. The system is equipped with a newly developed X-ray line sensor that is ideal for inspecting thin products as they easily transmit X-rays. That is one of the major aspects that the X-ray image quality was greatly improved, which led to outstanding inspection performance. Since palpation and visual inspection by human have uncertainty in the consistency and performance, the introduction of X-ray inspection system can increase the reliability of inspection and contribute to the reduction of labor costs too.

Advanced Product Integrity Inspection

Anritsu Pharmaceutical X-ray system makes it possible to detect defects in seal of transdermal preparations and to inspect missing or shape of orally disintegrating tablets, which were all difficult before. In addition, the system can count contents such as number of patches and sheet masks. It can do package check for coating agent filled in the tube. What is more, these shape / missing item inspection functions can be used in combination with foreign body inspection. In other words, a single X-ray inspection system can perform multiple quality inspections simultaneously.

X-ray image of a blister pack with defective tablets, X-ray images of transdermal preparation, sheet mask, and coating agent

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