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Banner image of Built-In Weighing System &Multi-Lane Checkweigher

High-precision weighing system that can be easily integrated into various transfer processes in single/multiple series

Due to soaring development costs and lower drug prices as well as longer development periods, manufacturing costs are required to be reduced by improving yields. In addition, the number of inspection items has increased because of stricter quality requirements, and the demand for saving space in the production lines is becoming higher.

Anritsu's built-in weighing system adopts a thin scale with a width of 30 mm and a minimum conveyor pitch of 33 mm, and we have thoroughly pursued ease of mounting in the customer's production line. Furthermore, each unit can be connected with a single cable, and high-precision weighing functions can be easily installed in various systems such as conveyor transport and claw transport.

main components of built-in weighing system of Anritsu

In the following video, we will introduce examples of the system integration.

We also offer a stand-alone multi-lane Checkweigher equipped with the built-in weighing unit. The advantages are not only high speed and high precision, but also saving installation space and ease of maintenance, while achieving low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) in the filling and packaging line.

Image of Anritsu multi-lane Checkweigher

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