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Banner image of Checkweigher with GS1 code printing and verification

With the increasing number of counterfeit drugs worldwide and medical accidents caused by mistaking drugs, it is necessary to take measures to prevent medical accidents and ensure traceability. Displaying an identification code such as a Data Matrix has become mandatory as one of the effective means to solve these problems.

This particular Checkweigher has 3 different solutions in one compact package, which consist of code printing, verification, and checkweighing functions. The total machine length is only 1.6m, which is a very compact footprint compared to a Cartoner machine in which printing and verification components are integrated.

You can easily introduce this system replacing with an existing Checkweigher in your production line. Please see the video below for an overview of the equipment.

*This product is only available in Japan as of June 2021.

3-in-1 Solution

The following illustration explains operating process of the system with Printing, Verification, and Checkweighing. In order to prevent the outflow of non-good products, the final gate stands by in a closed state and opens only when good products pass, as a fail-safe design policy.

Illustration of the 3in1 solution

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