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XR75 series X-ray Inspection System | Web Exhibition

Section 1 | Product Overview

Photo of XR75 X-ray Inspection System

Anritsu x-ray systems give food & pharma producers the best combination of contaminant detection, reliability and low total cost of ownership.

Industry Leading Performance:

All Anritsu x-ray systems come standard with HD imaging, including high resolution detectors, beryllium window tubes and precise software tools. Anritsu consistently outperforms competitors in detecting small metals and low density foreign bodies like glass, stones, and bones.

Low TCO:

Advanced Long Life (A.L.L.) technology delivers up to 300%longer tube and detector life with better detection at lower power.


Now in its 7th generation, the world’s most popular food x-ray systems have the lowest warranty rate in the industry.

Diverse Product Line:

Anritsu offers high performance x-ray systems for a broad range of budgets and applications, including packaged, bulk, pumped, and cased products.


  • HD imaging
  • Beryllium tube
  • Advanced Long Life
  • Auto-learn product setup wizard
  • Tool-free disassembly
  • Image & reject logs
  • Virtual weighing, shape, count, missing
  • 10+ software detection tools
  • Sanitary design features
  • QUICCA capable

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Section 2 | Major Product Lineup

XR75 Standard

Photo of XR75 Standard

Industry-leading detection for most small-to-medium size packaged products. Available in 270mm or 420mm belt widths.

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XR75 Up/Down

Photo of XR75 Up/Down

Curtainless solution for lightweight packaged products and many unpackaged bulk applications. The inclined (up/down) conveyor allows products to move untouched through the system.

XR75 Hopper

Photo of XR75 Hopper

The hopper infeed is an excellent curtainless solution for unpackaged products like bulk crops like nuts or small frozen products including patties or nuggets.

XR75 DualX

Photo of XR75 DualX

2nd-gen dual energy system designed for optimal detection of low-density contaminants including bones and stones. Perfect for multi-layered products like fries and IQF vegetables.

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Featured at Section 4

XR75 Large/Case

Photo of XR75 Large/Case

With a 620mm belt width, the heavyduty XR75 Large has ample capacity to inspect end-of-line cases. It can also be configured for large-width bulk format applications.

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XR75 Pipeline

Photo of XR75 Pipeline

The Pipeline provides outstanding inspection of pumped products, including meat for excellent metal, bone and stone detection.

XR75 SideView

Photo of XR75 SideView

Anritsu’s SideView is touchless and mounts over your conveyor. It’s an ideal solution for upright rigid products like PET bottles and aseptic boxes, with a low cost of ownership.

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  • Touch Screen HMI
  • Free Software Upgrades via USB
  • Patented Visual Threshold Adjustments
  • Robust Auto-Learn Functions
  • 10 Adjustable Detection Tools


  • HD Imaging
  • Solid State Drive
  • Mirror Finish Product Zone
  • Sealed, Non-Circulating Tube Cooling System


  • QUICCA Support Capable
  • I/O Availability: 2 in, 2 out
  • Data/image Logging via USB
  • Shared interface with M6 and SSV product lines

Section 3 | XR75 A.L.L Technology

Image of XR75 A.L.L. technology

Section 4 | XR75 DualX and Product Testing

DualX analyzes two different X-ray energy signals, allowing the system to distinguish between the product and contaminants and achieve great detection of low dense contamininats.

Benefits and Mechanism of Dual Energy technology

Finding chicken bones with x-ray inspection is hard. Anritsu’s 2nd generation poultry x-ray system greatly improves bone detection.

Comparison of detection performance between Gen1 ad Gen2.

Product Test #1: Sausages in sealed tray

Product test result for sausages in tray

Projection Image

Projection image of the sausages

Product Test #2: Breakfast Cereal in bag

Product test result for breakfast cereal in bag

Projection Image

Projection image of the breakfast cereal
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Section 5 | X-ray Inspection with Deep Learning Technology

(for Japanese market only at present.)

"Deep learning" is a technology that has been attracting public attention recently. Anritsu has a model that can utilize deep learning for X-ray inspection.

The higher the X-ray detection sensitivity is set, the more likely false positives will occur. By using deep learning, the machine learns by looking at multiple images that should be judged as normal and images that should be judged as abnormal, and while maintaining high sensitivity, false detection is greatly reduced.

Image of Deep Leaning

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