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Initiatives for the Sustainable Development Goals

Anritsu Group contributes to the realization of a safe and secure society through its business activities under its Sustainability Management Policy. We set goals in relation to the SDGs and promote the creation and innovation of industries involved in the construction of a sustainable society.
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Anritsu Infivis (PQA business) contributes to food and phamaceutical safety, prevents product recovery, and minimizes waste loss by continuing to provide high-precision and highly reliable inspection equipment and quality assurance solutions.

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Case 1: Minimization of food loss by providing the world's highest level of inspection equipment

For more than 50 years, Anritsu has been greedly chasing the accuracy and reliability of food and pharmaceutical product inspections. Equipped with state-of-the-art technologies such as dual energy sensors and artificial intelligence, X-ray inspection machines accurately determine the overlap of product content in packaging. These applications are typically very difficult to judge whether they are good or not with conventional X-ray system and are eliminated from the line. Anritsu inspection system minimizes false reject and reduces the risk of product recall, while contributing to the reduction of food loss.

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RESPONSIBLE CONSUMPTION AND PRODUCTION Anritsu’s Dual-energy X-ray Inspection System

Case 2: Contributing to drug and food safety

Anritsu contributes to the safety of drug and food products by providing high-precision inspection solutions. Capsule Checkweigher, for example, deliver the industry's highest measurement accuracy of ±0.5 mg and ensure drug safety with full mass testing of highly active drugs that change their efficacy even with small differences in filling volume.

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World's Highest Accuracy with Capsule Auto Checker±0.5mg
Cupsule handling and Weighing Mechanism

Capsules in the magazine are fed by the shutter individually. The capsule holding unit minimizes any vibration generated from the impact of the drop from the magazine. The capsule is then fed onto the weigh table.

Case 3: Improving production efficiency with a variety of IoT solutions

As food and pharmaceutical smart factories (Industry 4.0, etc.) progress, Anritsu effectively uses data from inspection equipment and provides a variety of IoT solutions that are easy to implement.

As an example below, we introduce one of the functions of our QUICCA system, the monitoring and notification function of abnormal situations in production. In addition, it has a variety of other functions to help you visualize your production, strongly backing up your smart factory and contributing to improved production efficiency.

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Automatic detection and notification of production abnormalities by QUICCA system

Automatic detection and notification of production abnormalities by Quicca system