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Environmental Awareness

Anritsu advances its efforts to protect the environment

Environmental Awareness

Making efforts toward protecting the environment is a matter of course for companies delivering "Food Safety and Security". We've been advancing various measures such as the establishment of management systems as well as the design and development of environmentally-friendly products.


Anritsu Awarded ISO14001 Certification

As a member of Anritsu group, Anritsu was awarded ISO14001 certification that gives the requirements for environmental management systems. Our operations from design and development through to production and disposal have been conducted by taking fully into account the environment.


Strengthened Efforts toward Environmental Regulations on Our Product

We have strengthened our systems for complying with WEEE Directive and RoHS Directive, expected to be introduced by all EU member states.


Development of Environmentally-Friendly Products

We've been working on the development of environmentally-friendly products that have low power consumption, low impact on the environment, and that can be easily recycled.