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K250/V250 bias tee

Bias Tees


These bias tees are designed for applications where both DC and RF signals must be applied to a device under test. They are particularly suited for active device measurements. DC voltages of up to 30 volts at 0.5 amps may be applied to test devices with negligible effect on RF performance. Low RF throughline loss(<1 dB) and low return loss ensure negligible effect on measurements up to 60 GHz. An RF input DC block isolates the input port from the applied bias voltage.

  • Broadband, 0.1 to 60 GHz coverage
  • Low SWR, low insertion loss
  • K Connector® and V Connector® availability




 Frequency Range

 0.1 to 40 GHz1

 0.1 to 60 GHz1

 Insertion Loss

 1.2 dB typical

 2.2 dB typical

 Return Loss

 15 dB min to 20 GHz
10 dB min to 40 GHz

13 dB min. to 20 GHz
9 dB min. to 40 GHz
8 dB min. to 60 GHz

 RF Power

 1 W max.

 1 W max.

 DC Voltage

 30 V max.

 30 V max.

 DC Current



 DC Port Isolation

20 dB at 0.1 GHz
40 dB at 0.5 GHz

 20 dB at 0.1 GHz
40 dB above 0.5 GHz

 RF Connectors

 Input: K(m)
Output: K(f)

Input: V(m)
Output: V(f)

 DC Connectors



1 Usable between 0.04 to 0.1 GHz with degraded performance

Temperature range: 0°C to +70°C