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On track to a brighter future

Anritsu’s 120-years history has been a story of meeting challenges for a better future.
As we face the dawn of the IoT/5G era, when wireless crosses paths with wired telecommunication,
we promise to stay on the leading edge of technology.
Now let’s take a step into our history together.

Travel through our history on telecommunications and food distribution

Supporting development of
telecommunication services: Anritsu

The History of Wired Communication


The History of Wired Communication

  • 1895:Guglielmo Marconi makes the first wireless transmission

  • 1900:The first automatic telephone service is launched

  • 1914:The world’s first wireless phone service is launched for practical use

  • 1955:The construction of a microwave circuit network across Japan is completed.

  • 1962:Digital communication system (PCM) developed for practical use

  • 1964:Submarine coaxial cable constructed across the Pacific Ocean

  • 1977:Semiconductor laser introduced for optical fibers

  • 1982:TCP/IP Internet protocol completed

  • 1985:Optical fiber cable network across Japan completed

  • 1988:SONET/SDH international standard approved for digital communication

  • 1990:Commercial internet services launched

  • 2000:Wide LAN service launched

  • 2012:Significant spread of cloud services begins

The History of Wireless Communication

The History of Wireless Communication

  • 1985:Shoulder phone services launched

  • 1993:Digital mobile phone services launched

  • 1997:Analog mobile phone services launched

  • 2001:3G mobile phone services launched

  • 2005:1seg devices developed

  • 2010:Smartphones become popular on a global scale
    LTE services launched

  • 2014:LTE-Advanced services launched


Future developments for IoT/5G


Future developments for IoT/5G

  • 2017:Commercialization of 400G Ethernet

  • 2020:5G services launched

Ensuring food safety:
Anritsu Infivis

Social changes surrounding the food industry in Japan


Social changes surrounding the food industry in Japan

  • 1952:Measurement Act executed

  • 1961:Supermarket chains opened

  • 1974:Convenience stores opened

  • 1995:Product Liability Act executed

  • 1998:Act on Temporary Measures concerning Sophistication of Management of Food Manufacturing Process executed

  • 2003:National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan established

  • 2009:Consumer Affairs Agency established

  • 2014:50,000th major convenience store opened

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