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Duration: 00:02:10
Release Date: 4/29/2021

Introducing the Anritsu Mobile Interference Hunting System

Interference Hunting Made Easy!

Interference from both illegal and unintentional signals is a significant problem for mobile service providers, security services and government regulators. Interference can often degrade network performance, causing critical communications to be interrupted. Locating these sources of interference has traditionally been labor intensive and time consuming. Traditional methods include manually making numerous measurements from multiple locations using a directional antenna. Triangulation is then used to approximate the signal location. This process is then iterated a number of times until the interferer is precisely located.

The Anritsu Mobile Interference Hunting System automates the interference hunting process. Multiple measurements are automatically taken and processed using the MX280007A software. Using mapping software resident on a Windows laptop/tablet, an Anritsu handheld spectrum analyzer and an omnidirectional antenna, directions and voice prompts are provided in this system to guide the driver to the source of interference.

Types of Interferers Found:
  • Low power
  • Narrowband, wideband
  • Modulated
  • Pulsed signals (similar to radar)
  • Signals hidden in LTE uplink channels
  • "Black" TV/radio stations and BTS cellular equipment operating illegally