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Duration: 00:02:32
Release Date: 4/29/2021

Introducing Anritsu InterferenceHunter MA2700A

Interference hunting has traditionally been slow and difficult with an eclectic assortment of tools and methods. The introduction of the MA2700A handheld InterferenceHunter is destined to change all that.

Equipped with a built-in electronic compass and GPS receiver, the MA2700A can be attached to a wide variety of Yagi antennas to create an easy-to-use handheld direction finding system. If desired, a bandpass filter can be attached between the antenna and the handle to eliminate problems with strong out-of-band signals.

The USB from the MA2700A connect to any instrument with compatible firmware. Set the instrument to interference analysis mode and plug in the USB connector. The instrument automatically detects the Interference Hunter. When the MA2700A is connected, the instrument uses GPS data from it rather than from the instrument's built-in GPS receiver.

Maps created using easyMap Tools give you a visual reference for direction finding. Once the instrument has GPS location information, it shows your position on the map with a bold plus sign. Using the built-in electronic compass, a line is shown on the map indicating the direction the antenna is aimed. When you have found the greatest signal strength, press the trigger on the handle and that line is saved on the map. Move to a different location and repeat the process to get two crossing lines. The point where the lines cross gives you a good estimate as to the location of the interferer.

A preamplifier in the MA2700A can be turned on if needed by pressing and holding the trigger for more than two seconds.

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