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Duration: 00:02:21
Release Date: 4/29/2021

High Performance Handheld Vector Network Analyzers

Since 1993, Anritsu's VNA Master™ has been the industry-standard all-in-one high performance handheld tool for replacing laboratory-grade vector network and scalar analyzers, vector voltmeters, and spectrum and interference analyzers for accurate test and measurement of wireless systems.

Why has the VNA Master led the industry for so many years?

Recognized as the first truly handheld VNA, the lightweight and portable VNA Master offers amazing performance with wide frequency coverage, the fastest sweep time for component tuning, waveguide support for high frequency microwave systems, advanced time and distance domain features for fault location measurements, and integrated spectrum analyzer capabilities for burst detect and interference hunting.

The VNA Master offers proven performance with:

  • Best dynamic range across a wide range of frequencies – over 100dB at 3GHz and greater than 85dB at 20GHz
  • Fastest sweep speed -- 350 microseconds per point – over twice as fast as any other handheld VNA
  • Full performance over the specified temperature range to +55° Celsius, even while battery powered
  • And the best handheld spectrum analyzer dynamic range – greater than 116 dB!

On the bench or in the field, VNA Master is the proven choice for handheld high performance vector network and spectrum analysis.