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Duration: 00:05:00
Release Date: 4/29/2021

CPRI Cell Site Architecture, Configuration, and Results

Many cellular networks now deploy a distributed architecture where the traditional radio has been split into a baseband unit…or BBU…and remote radio head…the RRH. The BBU and RRH are typically connected with a fiber link conforming to the Common Public Radio Interface… or CPRI. Using Anritsu's MT1000A Network Master field transport tester, installers can emulate the BBU and perform the following tests:

— Confirm the RRH is powered-up correctly

— Confirm the fibers are connected correctly…for example, are they in the correct port, not crossed, etc.

— Verify that the correct wavelength SFP/SFP+ modules are installed

— Verify that the SFP/SFP+ modules support the configured rate

— Confirm the optical connector condition and cleanliness using a Video Inspection Probe (VIP)

— Confirm the round trip time of the link is within spec

— Confirm that the RRH can connect to the lower communications layers, including the C&M channels

This is essential because it proves the RRH is working and confirms the communication configuration settings…(the line rate, HDLC rate, etc.) are correct.