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Introduction to W-CDMA

Module 1: Introduction to W-CDMA

Module 1 begins with a short introduction to the origins of W‑CDMA and a clear diagram of its basic function. You’ll learn important terms, including Processing Gain and how to calculate it. Also covered are the innovations, features and benefits that make W‑CDMA a significant step in the progression of RF.

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Module 2: Introduction to W-CDMA

Module 2 moves into Phase Modulation, Constellation Mapping and Error Vector Magnitude. Anritsu’s expert instructor then takes you through troubleshooting, W‑CDMA specifications, do’s and don’ts, and a detailed scenario to help you envision the concepts in practice.

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Module 3: Introduction to W-CDMA

Module 3 includes a detailed breakdown of the channel types and a clear explanation of HSDPA, a video demonstration of basic BTS Master functions and a simulation to explore some instrument features followed by simulated instrument exploration.

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Module 4: Introduction to W-CDMA

Building on the knowledge you acquired in the first three modules, the presentations expand into Interpreting Physical Channels, HSDPA Demodulator measurements, and W-CDMA RF Measurements followed by practice simulations on Demodulation and Over the Air measurements.

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