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VectorStar Windows 10 Upgrade Path Options

The VectorStar family of Vector Network Analyzers (VNA’s) has been shipping with Windows 7 operating system since March 2014. With termination of Microsoft support for Windows 7, all new VectorStar MS464xB network analyzers now ship with Windows 10 IoT (32-bit) operating system. We offer upgrade paths for customers wishing to transition existing VectorStar units from windows 7 to Windows 10. The method for transitioning existing Windows 7-equipped units to Windows 10 depends on the age of the unit. Two upgrade paths are available. Identification of which upgrade is required for a specific unit is simple and only depends on knowledge of the model and serial number. If customers do not wish to transition to Windows 10, the Windows 7-fitted units will continue to function normally, albeit with the lack of ongoing Microsoft support for bug and security fixes. For more information please contact your nearest Anritsu representative. Read more

O/S Patches

To help protect your instrument from a known vulnerability in the Microsoft Windows Operating system that can be exploited by the WannaCry ransomware, we recommend customers install this security patch.


Exact Uncertainty Calculator
This software can be used to calculate and plot Transmission and Reflection, Magnitude and Phase, measurement uncertainty, for VectorStar and Lightning family VNAs. It takes into consideration different calibration methods and kits, different conditions such as IF BW, and non-zero s11, s22, and s21, s12 conditions for transmission and reflection uncertainties respectively.

WindowsGPIB (version 3.79) 
WindowsGPIB is a Windows®-based program that sends and receives program data over GPIB, in response to commands entered from the keyboard or from a command file, similar but friendlier than NI's WIBIC. It is a good tool for testing mnemonics and commands while developing ATE programs. Windows GPIB supports only NI GPIB.

Noise Figure Uncertainty Calculator (version 1.0.1) 
The VectorStar Noise Figure Uncertainty Calculator is a standalone program used to provide the user a tool for easily determining measurement uncertainty while using the VectorStar VNA Option 041 – Noise Figure. The calculator can be installed on the VectorStar instrument desktop or on a Windows XP/Windows 7 PC.

CapVNA (version 1.0.1) 
CapVNA is a Windows program to capture, display, save and print the graphical and textual data from VectorStar VNAs. The displayed data can be loaded from a flash drive where it was previously saved at the VNA or captured directly from the VNA over the GPIB port. The displayed data can be saved in a variety of formats to the PC's internal disk drive or a network drive and printed to a local or network printer (including color).

Cal Kit File Maker 
The Cal Kit File Maker program provides all the files necessary to create a calibration kit file for the VectorStar, Lightning and ShockLine VNAs. The program provides a convenient set of menus for entering the required information for the different standards in the calibration kit. The program does not perform calculations; it takes the input provided and creates files in the appropriate format.

Programming Examples (MS4640A and MS4640B)
The files below contain the source code of VectorStar remote programming examples, listed in the Programming Manual. Use to copy and paste as needed into your application.



Visual Studio .NET (wrapper only)