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Precision RF & Microwave Components Catalog

Anritsu is the leader of high frequency microwave connector technology and is driven by an ongoing commitment to exceed customer needs. Anritsu created and trademarked the K Connector with coverage to 40 GHz, along with a complete family of 40 GHz test equipment. It was an immediate success and today is used on many commercial components, test fixtures, and defense systems. P/N: 11410-00235

Catalog pdf 13.3 MB Version: AD 7/26/2022

Evaluation of RF Network Testing White Paper

This document is an industry review of techniques and procedures for evaluation of RF network testing. P/N: 11410-00700

White Paper pdf 996.1 KB Version: C 6/14/2022

VNA Master MS20xxB Technical Data Sheet

All MS202xB/3xB VNA Master models offer benchtop accuracy and high performance S-parameter measurements in portable form. With frequency coverage from 500 kHz up to 4 or 6 GHz in a truly handheld, battery-operated, rugged, multi-function instrument, the VNA Master also provides a field-friendly touchscreen user interface. P/N: 11410-00549

Datasheet pdf 7.0 MB Version: AF 12/7/2021

Anritsu RF and Microwave Handheld Analyzers Solution Poster

Poster showcasing the RF and Microwave Handheld analyzers options. Features Cable and Antenna Analyzers, Base Station Analyzers, Field Master Pro, Spectrum Analyzers, Vector Network Analyzers, and PIM Analyzers. P/N: 11410-00571

Brochure pdf 141.6 KB Version: R 8/3/2021

VNA Fundamentals Poster

This poster features sections on Circuits and Waves, S-Parameters, Reflection Coefficient, Phase and Group Delay, Non Linear Transmission Lines, VNA Architecture, Superposition/True Mode Stimulus, Time Domain, Pulse Measurements, and a Reflection Coefficient Table. P/N: 11410-00934

Brochure pdf 5.3 MB Version: E 4/30/2021

Vector Network Analysis Product Portfolio

In 1965, Anritsu filed the patent that defined the first modern Vector Network Analyzer (VNA). We are proud to continue that tradition of innovation to the present day—with the world’s first portfolio of VNAs that bring Nonlinear Transmission Line (NLTL) technology to every measurement scenario from on-wafer device characterization to R&D testing to manufacturing and field operations. P/N: 11410-00905

Brochure pdf 8.3 MB Version: L 2/17/2021

Network Installation and Maintenance Testing Instruments Solutions Brochure

This Solution Brochure showcases Optical Measuring Instruments, Transport and Ethernet Testing, Mobile Wiress Communication Measuring Instruments, Signal Analyzers, Spectrum Analyzers, VNAs, and RF Microwave products.

Brochure pdf 1.3 MB 10/8/2020

Product Information, Compliance, and Safety for Anritsu Handheld Instruments

This guide provides important notices, warranty, safety, and regulatory compliance information for Anritsu RF and microwave handheld analyzers. Be sure to read these important notices before operating the equipment. P/N: 10100-00065

Brochure pdf 1.4 MB Version: E 9/8/2020

Product Information, Compliance, and Safety for Anritsu Handheld Instruments

This guide provides important notices, warranty, safety, and regulatory compliance information for Anritsu RF and microwave handheld analyzers. Be sure to read these important notices before operating the equipment. P/N: 10100-00065

Datasheet pdf 1.4 MB Version: E 9/8/2020

VNA Master MS202xB and MS203xB Quick Fact Sheet

This 2 page document highlights the key specifications, options and accessories. P/N: 11410-00639

Brochure pdf 818.7 KB Version: E 6/30/2020

VNA Master MS202xB and MS203xB Product Brochure

The VNA Master MS202xB and MS203xB series are compact handheld multi-function instruments that offer a portable yet powerful vector network analyzer, allowing you to do S-parameter analysis in the field. P/N: 11410-00545

Brochure pdf 9.4 MB Version: K 6/30/2020

VNA Master MS20xxB User Guide

This guide provides information about frequency range, available options, additional documents, general overview, preventive maintenance, and annual verification requirements for the Handheld MS2024B, MS2025B, MS2034B, and MS2035B VNA Master models. P/N: 10580-00301

User Guide pdf 9.2 MB Version: M 6/30/2020

MS20xxB VNA Master Programming Manual

This SCPI Programming Manual provides information for remote operation of the MS20xxB Vector Network Analyzer (MS2024B, MS2025B, MS2034B, and MS2035B) using commands sent from an external controller via Ethernet or USB connection. P/N: 10580-00302

Programming Manual pdf 3.1 MB Version: J 6/30/2020

VNA Master MS20xxB Online Help System

This Online Help System is a compilation of manuals for easier viewing. P/N: 10450-00031

Online Help System htm 185.8 KB Version: E 6/15/2020

Spectrum Analyzer Measurement Guide

This Measurement Guide describes the test and measurement functions of Anritsu RF and Microwave Handheld Instruments. Basic spectrum analyzer functions are included with most Anritsu handheld instruments. P/N: 10580-00349

Measurement Guide pdf 21.8 MB Version: P 4/28/2020

Rack Mount Accessory Installation Guide

This document provides instructions for mounting Anritsu handheld instruments in to the Anritsu Rack Mount Accessory, part number 66864. P/N:10580-00338

Installation Guide pdf 3.5 MB Version: C 2/7/2020

Power Meter Measurement Guide

This Measurement Guide documents the Power Meter and the High Accuracy Power Meter for the following Anritsu instruments: BTS Master, Site Master, Spectrum Master, and Cell Master. P/N: 10580-00240

Measurement Guide pdf 2.7 MB Version: J 1/16/2020

Vector Network Analyzer for Handheld Instruments Measurement Guide

This Measurement Guide is for the VNA Master B and C series Vector Network Analyzers. The MS2026B and MS2028B VNA Master needs to have Firmware Version 2.0 and higher. Also covers the LMR Master in VNA mode. P/N: 10580-00289

Measurement Guide pdf 22.6 MB Version: M 1/16/2020

Spectrum Analysis Solutions Leaflet

Compare models with spectrum analysis and review the different tests they can perform. P/N: 11410-00559

Leaflet pdf 1,007.6 KB Version: H 4/3/2019

70774 Instrument Test Software Quick Start Guide

This quick start guide provides a brief overview of the installation and use of the 70774 Instrument Test Software with the following Anritsu handheld analyzers: VNA Master Models: MS2024B, MS2025B, MS2034B, MS2035B, MS2026C, MS2027C, MS2028C, MS2036C, MS2037C, MS2038C, and LMR Master S412E.

Quick Start Guide pdf 815.7 KB Version: C 5/8/2018

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Firmware Update for the VNA Master MS203xB

This firmware update contains the latest upgrades for your VNA Master MS2034B and MS2035B Vector Network Analyzer. Once downloaded, run the file on your computer to see the installation instructions.

Drivers Software Downloads exe 36.5 MB Version: 4.30 4/29/2021

Firmware Release History for the MS202xB and MS203xB

Firmware release history for the VNA Master MS2024B, MS2025B, MS2034B, and MS2035B Vector Network Analyzers.

Drivers Software Downloads pdf 546.8 KB Version: 4.30 4/29/2021

Anritsu Software Tool Box (Full Installer)

The Anritsu Software Tool Box contains tools to help you make the most of your Anritsu RF Handheld Instruments. This installer may not require internet access while running. See the software tools pages for details. Anritsu Software Tool Box includes Line Sweep Tools, Master Software Tools, Wireless Remote Tools, easyTest Tools, and easyMap Tools. This stand-alone installer will download all Anritsu software needed to install your chosen PC Tools software, and do so all in one file. This is ideal if you will be doing the installation on a computer without internet access. Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 computers may still need internet access to download the Microsoft .NET 3.5 suite of support files.

Drivers Software Downloads exe 388.8 MB Version: 1.18 4/10/2019

70774 Instrument Test Software

Works with VNA Masters MS202xB, MS203xB, MS202xC, and MS203xC and LMR Master S412E.

Drivers Software Downloads zip 7.8 MB Version: 1.03 5/8/2018

Updating Anritsu Handheld Instrument Firmware

This document provides an overview of the firmware update process. For further details, please refer to the user guide for your Anritsu handheld instrument.

Drivers Software Downloads pdf 344.1 KB 10/30/2015

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How can I tell what firmware changes/improvements have made to my instrument?

Go to, type in your model numberin the “search box” press enter, click on the link that represents yourinstrument, then click on the “Library” tab, go to “Driver, Software Downloads”and click “Firmware update for XXXX (your model)” click where you see “ReleaseHistory” and the improvements/changes will be listed by the option.

I have an MS2713E, how can I tell what version of firmware is installed?

Press “Shift”, “System (#8 key)”, “Status” and look at“Package Version”.

How long will Anritsu “fully” support the equipment after it has been discontinued?

We will support the equipment 7 years after its discontinuance date.   Pleasecall 800-Anritsu (267-4878) for that information.

Do you have any videos that will show you how to use Resolution Bandwidth (RBW) and Video Bandwidth (VBW) for your spectrum analyzers?

Yes. Our Anritsu TV link has the following helpfulvideo: “How to Select RBW and VBW withHandheld Spectrum Analyzers?”  This Link: You will also find other useful informative videos atthis link: Click on the “Video Library” and locate your videos.  

We have ordered the new MT8820T. On this model the GPS is standard with its antenna. Will the new GPS antenna 2000-1760 work on any other products?

Yes. As long as option 31 (GPS receiver), it will work on the following:S331E, S332E, S361E, S362E, S412E, MS2711E, MS2712E, MS2713E, MS2720T, MT8212E, MT8213E, MT8221B, MT8222B, MT8220T, MS2024B, MS2025B, MS2026C, MS2027C, MS2028C, MS2034B, MS2035B, MS2036C, MS2037C, MS2038C, MW82119A.

What is the preferred method for updating firmware for Anritsu Handheld RF tools such as the Site Master, Cell Master, VNA Master, LMR Master, Spectrum Master, or BTS Master?

Firmware updates are located under the library tab on the web page of each Anritsu handheld instrument. The installation process will require the use of an USB Memory Stick. Instructions and prompts will appear when the update is executed on your computer.   Older insturments, ones that do not have a firmware update listed in their library tab, can be updated using Anritsu's Master Software Tools. In this case, the preferred media is Ethernet if they have an Ethernet interface, or serial if they do not.  The MS2721B, MS2723B, MS2724B, MT8222A, and MS2026A are transition instruments. If these instruments have firmware created before August of 2009, Master Software Tools and an Ethernet connection will be requried to update their firmware. Once updated, future updates can be done by the USB Memory Stick method, using firmware downloaded from the instrument's web page.

I have a S412E and have saved my cable and antenna measurements. However, they only save in the .MNA format. What software tools can I use to manipulate them?

Yes. Line Sweep Tools supports .MNA files. You can add markers and limit lines. Please download Line Sweep Tools at this link:

How much does it cost for Repair and/or Calibration?

Look on the tool bar of  this website and hover your mouse over the “Services & Support” words on the toolbar and click on “Repair and Calibration”. Next, click on “Repair and Calibration Pricing”. Enter your model number. The result will show your model number as a hyper link (in blue). Click on it to see the pricing.

We have OSLN50-1 and OSLN50 standards for our handhelds. How do we know what is loaded into the VNA masters or other handhelds with vna capability?

  The 18GHz OSLN50, OSLNF50, OSLK50, and OSLKF50 cal kits are tuned to have a capacitance value of 0. That is why the VNA Master “VNA Mode” uses a C=0 setting for those cal kits. The BTS Master VNA app (and the older “A” series VNA Master) are setup to use the older OSL 4GHz and 6GHz cal kits, which had a different capacitance value (not necessarily 0). In reality, when you are only sweeping to 4GHz  or even to 6GHz, the capacitance values will not make a noticeable difference.

Can I preset markers 5 and 6 for marker between peak or valley on Line Sweep Tools?

This is not recommended if you plan to use the marker between two markers function. The reason being is that these values will vary from sweep to sweep. If you are marker 5 and 6 as part of your preset, you will not be able to re-adjust them for marker between two markers (peak or valley). However, if you are setting them for a specific frequency then you need to manually enter a frequency in the “FREQ (MHZ) column.    Marker 5 is used to set the marker between Marker 1 and 2, Peak or Valley. Marker 6 is used to set the marker between Marker 3 and 4, Peak or Valley.

I have created 15 short-cut on my Menu screen. I understand the procedure is to press and hold the short cut until the option to either move or delete window appears. At that point I can select delete. Is there a faster way to clear them?

If you want to clear them, you can simply perform a “Factory Default”. There are two ways you can accomplish this. 1)      Press Shift, System (8), System options, Reset, Select Factory Default and follow the instructions.Start with your instrument ‘Off”, Press and hold the “Esc” button; Turn “On” the instrument as normal while holding the ESC Button all while the instrument is booting up then after 5 seconds or so release from holding. You will notice the message “Applying Factory Default” at the bottom of your screen. 

for the SC7442 what is the drawing holes dimensions

the holes is open from one side to the other and All 4 of the flange mounting are tapped with the standard 4-40 thread.

Is there a replacement for the VP103F

There is no replacement for this part. 

What is the differences between FER and BER

Frame Erasure Rate, FER, is defined as the amount of swept speech frames (260 bits each)divided by the amount of transmitted speech frames. The speech frame is swept if even one ofits most important 50 bits is observed not to be correct. The three parity bits following the 50class Ia bits are used for error detection.· Bit Error Rate, BER, is the ratio of erroneously received bits to all received bits. It isimportant to notice that BER is evaluated before channel decoding, i.e. after equaliser. BER isused for defining the RXQUAL value

Can you tell me the difference between the 2000-767-R and the 2000-1618-R?

The only difference is the frequency range. The 2000-767 is DC to 4 GHz and the 2000-1618-R is DC to 6 GHz. There is also a female 7/16 Open/Short/Load part number 2000-768-R and 2000-1619-R. 2000-768-R frequency range is DC to 4GHz and 2000-1619-R is DC to 6GHz.

How do I copy files from my internal memory to my USB memory stick?

  The steps below detail copying a file from internal memory to an external flash drive.   NOTE: Select the files to copy in the top window and the location for the files to be copied to in the bottom window.   Insert a USB drive into either USB Type A port of the Site Master.   From the File main (shift/file (#7 key)) menu, press the “Copy (soft key)” submenu key. The Copy submenu and Copy dialog box are displayed (picture below).   Select the file(s) to copy. To select multiple files, highlight the first then press the “Select or De-Select” key to keep the file selected.  NOTE: (Press again to de-select if you choose not to copy the file.) The file will be outlined in blue. Repeat with all the files to copy. To display files in a folder, select the folder and press the Enter key.   Press the Scroll key and highlight the USB drive and press “select or de-select” soft key in the lower window using the touch screen or the Up/Down arrow keys or Thumb Wheel. NOTE: The Scroll submenu key toggles between Src (top window) and Dst (bottom window). Basically, the top window (src) is where you copy from and the bottom (dst) is where those files are going to.   Press the Copy key to copy the files to the flash drive.       NOTE:   If you want to check and see if those files have been copied, simply press the Scroll soft key (to get to your Src or source box), use your Up/Down arrows or Thumb Wheel to get to your USB Drive and press “Enter”.