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Precision RF & Microwave Components Catalog

Anritsu is the leader of high frequency microwave connector technology and is driven by an ongoing commitment to exceed customer needs. Anritsu created and trademarked the K Connector with coverage to 40 GHz, along with a complete family of 40 GHz test equipment. It was an immediate success and today is used on many commercial components, test fixtures, and defense systems. P/N: 11410-00235

Catalog pdf 13.3 MB Version: AA 9/1/2020

Calibration Kit Declaration of Conformity

The Calibration Kit Declaration of Conformity is a special document issued by Anritsu to state that the product meets all of the applicable legislation and European directives. P/N: 10101-00025

Datasheet pdf 277.5 KB Version: B 3/3/2020

365xx-x Mechanical Calibration Kits Reference Manual

Calibration kits contain components used to identify and separate error sources inherent in microwave test setups. The kits described in this document contain all of the precision components and tools required to calibrate Anritsu Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) systems for error corrected measurement. Included are memory devices which provide coefficient or measurement data for each component. These kits are applicable to the MS464xA/B Series VNA and the Lightning 37xxxD/E Series VNA.

Quick Reference Guide pdf 3.9 MB Version: E 3/27/2018

VNA Calibration and Verification Kits 36xx Operation & Maintenance Manual

This manual provides description and maintenance instructions for the Models 3650 (SMA/3.5 mm), 3651 (GPC-7), 3652 (K Connector), 3653 (Type N), and 3654/3654B* (V Connector) Calibration Kits and Models 3666 (3.5 mm), 3667 (GPC-7), 3668 (K Connector), and 3669/3659B* (V Connector) Verification Kits.

Operations Manual pdf 269.1 KB Version: F 8/4/2003

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