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VNA Calibration and Verification Kits 36xx Operation & Maintenance Manual

This manual provides description and maintenance instructions for the Models 3650 (SMA/3.5 mm), 3651 (GPC-7), 3652 (K Connector), 3653 (Type N), and 3654/3654B* (V Connector) Calibration Kits and Models 3666 (3.5 mm), 3667 (GPC-7), 3668 (K Connector), and 3669/3659B* (V Connector) Verification Kits.

Operations Manual pdf 269.1 KB Version: F 8/4/2003

Vector Network Analyzer 360B Instrument Driver for LabWindows v1.00 User Guide

The Anritsu Instrument Driver software v1.00 is written specifically for the model 360B VNA.

User Guide pdf 1.2 MB Version: B 2/1/1998

Programming the 360 VNA Using HP Basic, AN360-9

Programming guide for 360

User Guide pdf 370.3 KB 1/1/1998

Vector Network Analyzer 360 Materials Measurement Software User Guide

This manual applies to the 360 Vector Network Analyzer Materials Measurement Software: Software Version 1.02 and Materials Measurement Package Model 2300-11A.

User Guide pdf 338.7 KB Version: C 1/3/1992

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