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Site Master S251C User Guide

Antenna and Cable Analyzer. Hand-Held Tester for Antennas, Transmission Lines and other RF Components.

User Guide pdf 1.2 MB Version: C 3/1/2007

The Importance of Stable, Reliable Test Cable Assemblies Technical Note

Site Master Cable and Antenna Analyzer makes cell site analysis straight forward and convenient by providing measurement capability in both the time and frequency domains. Learn more in this 4 page Technical Note.

Technical Note pdf 285.2 KB Version: A 12/13/2006

Site Master S251C Maintenance Manual

This manual provides maintenance instructions for the Site Master S251C Antenna and Cable Analyzer.

Maintenance Manual pdf 340.2 KB Version: B 2/25/2003

Site Master S251C Programming Manual

Hand-Held Tester for Transmission Lines and other RF Components

Programming Manual pdf 184.3 KB Version: C 4/1/2002

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Anritsu Software Tool Box (Full Installer)

The Anritsu Software Tool Box contains tools to help you make the most of your Anritsu RF Handheld Instruments. This installer may not require internet access while running. See the software tools pages for details. Anritsu Software Tool Box includes Line Sweep Tools, Master Software Tools, Wireless Remote Tools, easyTest Tools, and easyMap Tools. This stand-alone installer will download all Anritsu software needed to install your chosen PC Tools software, and do so all in one file. This is ideal if you will be doing the installation on a computer without internet access. Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 computers may still need internet access to download the Microsoft .NET 3.5 suite of support files.

Drivers Software Downloads exe 388.8 MB Version: 1.18 4/10/2019

Anritsu Software Tool Box (Web Installer)

The Anritsu Software Tool Box contains tools to help you make the most of your Anritsu RF Handheld Instruments. This installer requires internet access while running. See the software tools pages for details. Anritsu Software Tool Box includes Line Sweep Tools, Master Software Tools, Wireless Remote Tools, easyTest Tools, and easyMap Tools.

Drivers Software Downloads exe 401.0 KB Version: 1.09 1/9/2018

HHCL Version History

Release dates, Software Requirements, and Compatibility.

Drivers Software Downloads pdf 354.1 KB Version: 3.44 6/4/2008

Download Handheld Code Loader

Handheld Code Loader v3.44 Visit the Handheld Code Loader Home Page for quick access to the firmware, features, and version history (no registration required). Note: Master Software Tools (MST) now works on Site Master S311D, S331D, S312D, S332D and Cell Master MT8212B. We strongly recommend users to migrate to MST. This platform has numerous productivity advantages over the HHST and all future product enhancements will be done via MST. Visit the Master Software Tools (MST) Home Page for more information.

Drivers Software Downloads exe 7.0 MB 3/19/2008

Download Handheld Software Tools

Handheld Software Tools V6.61 (Release date: December 21, 2007) Handheld Software Tools has been replaced by Line Sweep Tools and will receive no further updates. Visit the Line Sweep Tools (LST) information page to learn more. Visit the Handheld Software Tools (HHST) information page for quick access to additional drivers, features, version history, etc.

Drivers Software Downloads exe 7.9 MB 12/21/2007

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I have a S251C with Bias tee option 10A. I noticed that the current models have a Bias Tee Option 10B. What is the difference between the Bias Tee option 10A and 10B.

The voltage level on bias tee Option 10A is set at 15V. The voltage level on bias tee Option 10B is switchable between 15V (high voltage) and 12V (low voltage). The current level on bias tee Option 10A is 460 mA Surge/244mA steady state. The current level on bias tee Option 10B is switchable between 1A surge/650mA steady state (high current) and 460mA surge/244mA steady state (low current).

On the S251C, can you save the power monitor measurements (option 5) by using the "Save Display" function?

No, the sitemaster "C" models and below will not save any power monitor (option 5) measurements.  You can use this function on the "D" model sitemasters i.e. S311D/S312D, S331D/S332D, S810D/S820D, and MS2711D.

How can we use the Site Master to make antenna isolation measurements?

You need a 2-port measurement so you can send out a signal from a transmit antenna and monitor the signal coming in at the receive antenna. You can either use the S251C with its insertion loss mode or you can use the Site Master and Cell Master with its Transmission Measurement modes. The benefit of using the S251C is that the nominal output power is higher or about +6 dBm vs. about -10 dBm with Option 21. The further apart the antennas are, the lower the signal will be in the Rx antenna and for optimum dynamic range it is helpful to use max power level. When you make the measurement, you start out calibrating the instrument with a through cal (Option 21) or a 1-path 2-port cal (S251C insertion loss mode). When you connect a cable from the RF out to the RF in port of the Site Master, you should see a flat signal. When you then connect RF Out to a Tx antenna and RF in to a Rx antenna, you are essentially looking at how much power is going into the Rx antenna or the acutal isolation between the two. Depending on the system and the setup, the values will vary and you'll need to check with the system engineer to see what is recommended for your system.

Why is my S251 clicking at me when I try to use the bias-Tee?

Something is violating our specifications (typically over-current), causing the bias-tee to shut off. After a second or so, the bias tee will try to come back on. If the violation still exists, it will shut off again, and continue the cycle until the violation is removed. The clicking is the relay changing states.

Does cable loss affect the system return loss?

The short answer is yes. The return loss of a cable & antenna system will be different if you are making a return loss measurement of a 15 dB antenna with two different cables. The return loss of the system is proportional to  2*CL (Cable Loss). System designers takes this into consideration when determining the specifications.

My captured traces on Handheld Software Tools do not look same as they are saved in Site Master. Scale has changed (vertical side).

Before capturing Trace, go to Settings on Handheld Software Tools then Default Plot Setting and then select Per Site Master under Plot Scaling.

When creating Custom Cable list using Handheld Software Tools to upload to a Site Master, what is the maximum number of cable types that can be stored in the Site Master (current platform and old platform)?

125 cables for current platform and 49 cables for old platform. Current platform: MT2812B/S331D/S332D with firmware version of V3.00 or higher. Any S810D/S820D, regardless of firmware version. Old Platform: All other models/firmware versions other than listed above.

What are the specifications for the SC5237 (6 dB offset termination) and SC5270 (20 dB offset termination)?

SC5237: DC to 4.0 GHz, 16.4 to 16.8 ohm 6dB +/- 0.25 dB

SC5270: DC to 4.0 GHz, 40.66 to 41.1 ohm 20dB +/- 1.5 dB

My traces are saved in .MDB format on my PC. How do I convert these traces to .DAT files?

In HHST go to File>Database>Select the data base you want to open. This will open a window called Site Master Database showing pointing to your database. Display records 1 at a time or display all depending on the version of HHST you are using. Save each record as a .DAT trace file one at a time.

What is the Return Loss specification for 2000-767/2000-768 Open/Short/Load?

The return loss specification is 40dB up to 2.5GHz and 38dB up to 4GHz.

What USB to Serial Adapters will work with my Sitemaster?

All the Site Master, Cell Master and Spectrum Master Products (excluding MS2721A) include an RS-232 serial port. Most of the new lap top computers available in today's market do not feature an RS-232 serial port but feature a Universal Serial Bus (USB) port instead. To address this issue, a USB to Serial adapter can be used. It is important to note that the adapter can not be used to communicate with the Handheld Code Loader software and can only be used to communicate with the Anritsu Handheld Software Tools (Version 6.49 or above) to download and upload traces. Most of the USB to Serial adapters available today in the market will work, provided the computer uses an operating system that supports USB interfaces and that Handheld Software Tools (Version 6.49 or above) is used. The following USB to Serial adapters have been evaluated by Anritsu and have been confirmed to work properly: . HP (5184-2172) . Belkin (F5U103) . Xircom (PGSDB9) . Keyspan (USA-19QW) . Delorme (DEL00331) . Tripp Lite (U209-000-R) . Anritsu (551-1691) If an earlier version of Handheld Software Tools is being used, only the Anritsu supplied adapter will work.

Will a Polyphaser alter the return loss of an antenna sweep?

The frequency response and isolation of the Polyphaser should be better than the Antenna. The Polyphaser would be transparent to the antenna sweeps response.

The measurement range of the Power Monitor Option (5) for Site Masters is -50 to +20 dBm. Can we measure power greater than +20dBm?

To measure power greater than +20 dBm an external attenuator is required. The display range of the instrument is -80 dBm to +80 dBm so therefore you can measure up to +80 dBm with a 60 dB external attenuator.

I have saved my Site Master traces to a database. How do I view the files using HHST?

Using HHST (handheld software tools) select FILE -> Database. A window will pop up called "Select a Database" and from there you can either create a new database or open an existing one. Click on "Open a Database" and then click on "OK". In the window that pops up navigate to the location where the database is stored on your hard drive. Select it and then click "Open". You may get an error Number 5 and if so hit "OK" to ignore this error message. In the HHST screen you should see the "Site Master Database" window showing the traces saved in the database just opened. Note that you may need to click on the "Site Master Database" icon in the Windows Taskbar before the window is displayed.

Can you capture the power monitor (option 5) measurements by using the "Capture Current Plot to Screen F2" function of Handheld Software Tools?

No, for sitemaster "C" Models and below, this function is not supported.  You can use this function on the "D" Model sitemasters.  (S311D/S312D, S331D/S332D, S810D/S820D, MS2711D).

My Site Master has two N connectors on it. Do I need to calibrate both of them? Which one do I use?

The connector marked RF Out / Reflection is the only port that requires OSL calibration for Return Loss or / SWR measurements. Some Models like the S251C can make Insertion Gain or Insertion Loss measurements and the second port is included in an OSLIT (Open, Short, Load, Isolation, Through) calibration. Refer to the Users Guide for additional details.

I am trying to place my marker on a specific frequency, but the marker only allows me to go to a specified frequency (ie: I want to place it on 1950.3, but the marker jumps to 1949.xx or 1950.9x). Why does it do this?

Based on the resolution chosen, there are a discrete number of data points that are created in the graph. The markers can fall only on one of these discrete points in the graph. To find out how the points are spaced apart from F1: (F2-F1)/# of points.